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Year Manuf. Name Description
1980 Cinematronics Armor Attack Army simulation where you have to shoot t...
1980 Atari Asteroids Deluxe This full size upright game has a very in...
1980 Sega/Gremlin/Data East Astro Fighter
1980 Stern Astro Invader
1980 Taito Balloon Bomber
1980 Exidy Bandido
1980 Atari Battlezone At the time of the release, Atari was ask...
1980 Stern Berzerk The arcade version of Berzerk features a ...
1980 Unknown Black Hole
1980 Sega Carnival One of Sega/Gremlin's early color release...
1980 Atari Centipede The game’s cabinet is characterized by co...
1980 Universal Cheeky Mouse
1980 Universal Cosmic Alien
1980 Taito Crazy Balloon Navigate your balloon through that crazy ...
1980 Nichibutsu Crazy Climber The Crazy Climber arcade game featured a ...
1980 Williams Defender A notoriously difficult game, Williams hi...
1980 Unknown Defense Command A bootleg version of the William's hit De...
1980 Universal Devil Zone From the Cosmic Monsters series of games.
1980 Sega/Gremlin Digger Controls include a joystick, and "dig" an...
1980 Centuri Eagle The game’s rather funny and poorly writte...
1980 Stern End, The
1980 Midway Extra Bases Early baseball game.
1980 Nintendo Heli Fire
1980 Unknown Hot Race
1980 Taito Indian Battle
1980 Game Plan Intruder
1980 Centuri Killer Comet
1980 Unknown Laser
1980 Taito Lupin III
1980 Data East Mad Alien The board set is mounted in a cage (very ...
1980 Universal Magical Spot
1980 Universal Magical Spot II
1980 Game Plan Megatack
1980 Unknown Meteor
1980 Atari Missile Command Missile Command has two boards: the main ...
1980 Sega/Gremlin Monaco GP
1980 Atari Monte Carlo
1980 Nichibutsu Moon Alien Part 2 Nichibutsu's version of Galaga.
1980 Nichibutsu Moon Alpha
1980 Sega/Gremlin Moon Cresta The coin-op version was under license fro...
1980 Taito Moon Lander
1980 Nichibutsu Moon Quasar
1980 Nichibutsu Moon Raker
1980 Namco Ms. Puck-Man
1980 Sega N-Sub
1980 Namco Navalone
1980 Data East Nebula
1980 Gottlieb New York, New York
1980 Universal No Man's Land
1980 Midway Pac-Man It was only recently that someone was abl...
1980 Centuri Phoenix Phoenix was one of Centuri’s more popular...
1980 Taito Polaris
1980 Sega Pro Monaco GP
1980 Namco PuckMan Duplicate.
1980 Zaccaria Quasar
1980 Nintendo Radar Scope
1980 Midway Rally-X
1980 Atari Red Baron Red Baron was put into play the same year...
1980 Cinematronics Rip Off A tough two player or single game that is...
1980 Sega Samurai
1980 SNK Sasuke Vs. Commander
1980 Nintendo Sheriff
1980 Irem Sky Chuter
1980 Unknown Space Battle
1980 Taito Space Chaser
1980 Taito Space Cyclone
1980 Bally Midway Space Encounters
1980 Nintendo Space Fever
1980 Data East Space Fighter Mark II
1980 Gremlin Space Firebird
1980 Venture Line Space Force
1980 Midway Space Invaders Deluxe
1980 Midway Space Invaders II
1980 Taito Space Invaders Part II
1980 Taito Space Laser
1980 Universal Space Panic Classic platform game very simular to Uni...
1980 Sega Space Tactics Like Space Invaders from a first person p...
1980 Sega Space Trek
1980 Bally Midway Space Zap
1980 Unknown Speak & Rescue
1980 Exidy Spectar
1980 Taito Speed Race GP-5
1980 Cinematronics Star Castle
1980 Unknown Star Crest
1980 Ace Vending Corp Star Fighter
1980 Exidy Star Fire
1980 Taito Stratovox First game with voice synthesizer.
1980 Competitive Video Super Earth Invasion
1980 Gremlin Super Moon Cresta
1980 Taito Super Speed Race GP V
1980 Exidy Tail Gunner II
1980 Exidy Targ Guide your yellow arrowhead-shaped vehicl...
1980 Atari Tempest Tempest is one of the most collectible ga...
1980 Atari Tempest (Tubes) This was never a game, just a ROM swap.
1980 Data East Terranean
1980 Data East Tomahawk 777
1980 Game Plan Tora Tora
1980 Sega Tranquilizer Gun
1980 Irem UniWar S
1980 Atari Warlords

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