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Year Manuf. Name Description
1973 Bally Midway Asteroid Not to be confused with the game Asteroid...
1973 Taito Astro Race
1973 Taito Davis Cup
1973 Taito Elepong
1973 Atari Gotcha Gotcha is a maze style game with two play...
1973 Sega Hockey TV
1973 Midway Leader
1973 Allied Leisure Paddle Battle
1973 Williams Paddle-Ball
1973 Sega Pong Tron
1973 Sega Pong Tron II
1973 Williams Pro-Hockey The aim is to put the ball in the goal of...
1973 Atari Space Race
1973 Allied Leisure Super Soccer
1973 Chicago Coin TV Ping Pong This game was almost identical to pong. T...
1973 Chicago Coin TV PinGame
1973 Midway Winner
1973 Midway Winner IV

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