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Year Manuf. Name Description
???? Tele Tronic Alien Attackers Late 70s game, possibly 1979 licensed fro...
???? Olympia Caterpillar
???? Milwaukee Coin Desert Fox
???? Stern Fast Draw
???? Gottlieb Gottlieb System One
???? Hantarex Hantarex MTC 900E
???? Midway Midway Video (Generic)
???? Nova Games Romar Trivia
???? Unknown Spin Out
???? Unknown Spy Agent A bootleg version of Elevator Action.
???? Stern Stern Pinball
???? Leland Super Baseball, Double Play, Home Run Derby
???? Strata The Storm
???? Nintendo Track & Field (PlayChoice)
???? MCI U-Boat
???? Nintendo Vs. UniSystem
???? Williams Williams System 11
???? Taito Zeke's Peak

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