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Year Manuf. Name Description
1984 Williams Aeroboto
1981 Williams Black Knight Pinball
1983 Williams Blaster
1982 Williams Bubbles
1980 Williams Defender A notoriously difficult game, Williams hi...
1990 Williams High Impact Football
1990 Williams Hit The Ice
1984 Williams Inferno
1982 Williams Joust The game’s cabinet is of Williams’ fine...
1986 Williams Joust 2: Survival Of The Fittest Uncommon sequel to the Williams hit Joust.
1981 Williams Make Trax Williams was best known for games such as...
1982 Williams Moon Patrol
1983 Williams MotoRace USA
1984 Williams Mystic Marathon
1988 Williams NARC "No one had the guts...until now" As Max...
1973 Williams Paddle-Ball
1989 Williams Police Force
1973 Williams Pro-Hockey The aim is to put the ball in the goal of...
1999 Williams Revenge From Mars
1982 Williams Robotron: 2084 The game features two 8-way joysticks: on...
1983 Williams Roller Aces
1982 Williams Sinistar As with most of Williams other early rele...
1990 Williams Smash TV
1982 Williams Splat!
1983 Williams Star Rider
1981 Williams Stargate Stargate's controls were just as complica...
1984 Williams Turkey Shoot
???? Williams Williams System 11

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