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Year Manuf. Name Description
1978 Unknown Alien Invasion Part II
1982 Unknown Amigo This is a clone of Amidar.
1980 Unknown Black Hole
1986 Unknown Bobble Bobble
1984 Unknown Bone Crusher
1983 Unknown Car Action This is a bootleg of the Data East game "...
1979 Unknown Defend The Terra Attack On The Red UFO
1980 Unknown Defense Command A bootleg version of the William's hit De...
1983 Unknown Dribbling
1990 Unknown Final Crash
1979 Unknown Galaxian Turbo
1982 Unknown Gallag
1980 Unknown Hot Race
1995 Unknown Iron Claw
1989 Unknown Jumping
1980 Unknown Laser
1983 Unknown Masao
1980 Unknown Meteor
1981 Unknown Monkey Donkey
1982 Unknown Moon Ranger
1982 Unknown Mr. Du!
1981 Unknown Mr. Jong
1982 Unknown Mr. Lo!
1986 Unknown MTV Trivia
1981 Unknown Nebulous Bee
1981 Unknown Paint Roller
1982 Unknown Penta Pengo clone.
1984 Unknown Pinball & Golf
1982 Unknown Pisces
1982 Unknown Pootan
1990 Unknown Power House
1990 Unknown Power Man
1988 Unknown Power Surge
1991 Unknown Smokin' Token
1979 Unknown Solar Fight
1980 Unknown Space Battle
1982 Unknown Space Pilot This is a bootleg of Konami and Centuri's...
1978 Unknown Space War Part Three
1980 Unknown Speak & Rescue
???? Unknown Spin Out
???? Unknown Spy Agent A bootleg version of Elevator Action.
1980 Unknown Star Crest
1979 Unknown Star Wars (1979)
1991 Unknown Stoneage
1986 Unknown Super Bobble Bobble
1981 Unknown Super Heli
1978 Unknown Super Invaders
1987 Unknown Twister
1974 Unknown Wild Gunman (1974)
1982 Unknown Word Zapper
1979 Unknown Yosaku
1989 Unknown Yukiwo
1982 Unknown Zig Zag

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