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Year Manuf. Name Description
1979 Universal Alien Invader
1980 Universal Cheeky Mouse
1980 Universal Cosmic Alien
1981 Universal Cosmic Avenger Challenging side-scrolling shooter, your ...
1979 Universal Cosmic Guerilla
1979 Universal Cosmic Monsters Universal's take on "Space Invaders."
1979 Universal Cosmic Monsters II Sequel to Cosmic Monsters.
1980 Universal Devil Zone From the Cosmic Monsters series of games.
1984 Universal Do! Run Run
1983 Universal Eggs
1979 Universal Galaxy Wars NOTE: This was also released as a Taito l...
1985 Universal Indoor Soccer
1984 Universal Jumping Jack
1984 Universal Kick Rider
1981 Universal Lady Bug Lady Bug was one of the first offerings o...
1980 Universal Magical Spot
1980 Universal Magical Spot II
1982 Universal Mr. Do! Probably Universal's most successful game...
1982 Universal Mr. Do! (Yankee DO!)
1983 Universal Mr. Do! Vs. Unicorns
1984 Universal Mr. Do!'s Wild Ride
1983 Universal Mr. Do's Castle
1982 Universal Mrs. Dynamite
1980 Universal No Man's Land
1984 Universal Nova 2001
1981 Universal Snap Jack
1980 Universal Space Panic Classic platform game very simular to Uni...
1984 Universal Super Don Quix-ote Similar to Dragon's Lair, this game was r...
1984 Universal Top Gear
1985 Universal Top Gear 2
1981 Universal Zero Hour

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