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Year Manuf. Name Description
1993 Irem Air Assault
1990 Irem Air Duel
1985 Irem Atomic Boy This game is the United States release of...
1991 Irem Atomic Punk
1992 Irem Atomic Punk 2: Global Quest
1986 Irem Battle Bird
1987 Irem Battle Chopper
1984 Irem Battle-Road, The
1991 Irem Blade Master
1991 Irem Bomber Man This game was only released in the arcade...
1992 Irem Bomber Man World I THINK it was only released in Japan.
1979 Irem Capsule Invader
1989 Irem Dragon Breed
1994 Irem Dream Soccer '94
1991 Irem Dynablaster
1993 Irem Fire Barrel
1991 Irem Gallop - Armed Police Unit
1992 Irem Gun Hohki
1991 Irem Gunforce: Battle Fire Engulfed Terror Island
1990 Irem Hammerin' Harry
1992 Irem Hook
1988 Irem Image Fight
1991 Irem Image Fight II
1993 Irem In The Hunt
1979 Irem IPM Invader There is an intermission after the 3rd se...
1986 Irem Kaiketsu Yanchamaru
1993 Irem Kaitei Daisensou
1989 Irem Kengo
1986 Irem Kid Niki: Radical Ninja
1989 Irem Legend Of Hero Tonma
1991 Irem Lethal Thunder
1984 Irem Lode Runner
1985 Irem Lode Runner - Golden Labyrinth
1985 Irem Lode Runner - Majin No Fukkatsu
1986 Irem Lode Runner - Teikoku Karano Dasshutsu
1984 Irem Lode Runner - The Bungeling Strikes Back
1985 Irem Lot Lot
1990 Irem Major Title
1992 Irem Major Title Tournament Leader
1988 Irem Meikyuu Shima
1987 Irem Mr. Heli
1992 Irem Mystic Riders
1993 Irem Ninja Baseball Bat Man
1988 Irem Ninja Spirit
1993 Irem Perfect Soldiers
1990 Irem Pound For Pound Boxing game.
1989 Irem R-Type II Sequel to R-Type.
1992 Irem R-Type Leo Presumably, the designers were aiming at ...
1981 Irem Red Alert
1992 Irem Skins Game
1980 Irem Sky Chuter
1984 Irem Spartan X
1985 Irem Spelunker
1985 Irem Spelunker II
1991 Irem Thunder Blaster
1983 Irem Traverse USA
1983 Irem Tropical Angel
1992 Irem Undercover Cops
1980 Irem UniWar S
1988 Irem Vigilante
1989 Irem X Multiply
1983 Irem Zippy Race

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