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Year Manuf. Name Description
1975 Exidy Alley Rally
1984 Exidy Astro Chase
1977 Exidy Attack (Not the Attack by Taito)
1980 Exidy Bandido
1984 Exidy Boulder Dash
1984 Exidy Bristles
1977 Exidy Car Polo
1984 Exidy Cheyenne Old-West Game where you are in charge of ...
1986 Exidy Chiller In the Exidy tradition, a controversial game!
1977 Exidy Circus In a game very simular to Atari's classic...
1986 Exidy Clay Pigeon
1985 Exidy Combat
1987 Exidy Crackshot
1979 Exidy Crash! Part racing, part maze, this is a lot lik...
1983 Exidy Crossbow Perhaps the best known in Exidy's series ...
1976 Exidy Death Race .
1975 Exidy Destruction Derby
1983 Exidy Fax Time based Question and Answer game.
1979 Exidy Fire One!
1984 Exidy Flip And Flop
1982 Exidy Hard Hat
1987 Exidy Hit 'N Miss
1979 Exidy Kreepy Krawlers
1981 Exidy Mouse Trap
1982 Exidy Pepper II
1979 Exidy Rip Cord Extremely rare, black & white monitored g...
1977 Exidy Robot Bowl
1977 Exidy Score
1988 Exidy Showdown
1979 Exidy Side Track Extremely rare black & white monitored Ex...
1980 Exidy Spectar
1980 Exidy Star Fire
1977 Exidy Super Death Chase
1980 Exidy Tail Gunner II
1980 Exidy Targ Guide your yellow arrowhead-shaped vehicl...
1986 Exidy Top Secret
1975 Exidy TV Pinball
1981 Exidy Venture Venture was similar to "Adventure" for th...
1982 Exidy Victory
1988 Exidy Who Dunit

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