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Year Manuf. Name Description
1988 Cinematronics Alley Master
1980 Cinematronics Armor Attack Army simulation where you have to shoot t...
1987 Cinematronics Baseball The Season II
1981 Cinematronics Boxing Bugs
1983 Cinematronics Brix
1985 Cinematronics Cerberus
1983 Cinematronics Cosmic Chasm
1986 Cinematronics Danger Zone
1983 Cinematronics Dragon's Lair Dragon's Lair was the most successful Las...
1982 Cinematronics Freeze
1982 Cinematronics Jack The Giantkiller
1985 Cinematronics Mayhem 2002
1982 Cinematronics Naughty Boy
1985 Cinematronics Power Play
1986 Cinematronics Redline Racer
1980 Cinematronics Rip Off A tough two player or single game that is...
1981 Cinematronics Solar Quest
1984 Cinematronics Space Ace Don Bluth's second creation, launched rig...
1977 Cinematronics Space Wars
1980 Cinematronics Star Castle
1977 Cinematronics Starhawk
1979 Cinematronics Sundance
1979 Cinematronics Tail Gunner Tail Gunner was a vector graphics game fr...
1982 Cinematronics War Of The Worlds
1985 Cinematronics World Series - The Season
1984 Cinematronics World Series Baseball
1982 Cinematronics Zzyzzyxx

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