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Year Manuf. Name Description
1983 Centuri Aztarac
1981 Centuri Challenger
1980 Centuri Eagle The game’s rather funny and poorly writte...
1984 Centuri Hyper Sports This classic was the pre-cursor to the tr...
1980 Centuri Killer Comet
1981 Centuri Loco-Motion
1983 Centuri Munch Mobile
1980 Centuri Phoenix Phoenix was one of Centuri’s more popular...
1981 Centuri Pit, The Simple, but fun maze game where you contr...
1981 Centuri Pleiads
1981 Centuri Route 16
1982 Centuri Time Pilot Time Pilot, released by Centuri in 1982 i...
1982 Centuri Tunnel Hunt
1981 Centuri Vanguard

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