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Year Manuf. Driver Description Game Name
1995 Gaelco biomtoy Biomechanical Toy (unprotected) Biomechanical Toy
1983 Omori Electric Co., Ltd. carjmbre Car Jamboree
1985 Jaleco citycon City Connection (set 1) City Connection
1985 Jaleco citycona City Connection (set 2) City Connection
1982 bootleg cottong Cotocoto Cottong
1985 Jaleco (Kitkorp license) cruisin Cruisin Cruis'n USA
1982 bootleg dkongjrm Donkey Kong Jr. (Moon Cresta ha... Donkey Kong Junior
1992 Irem majtitl2 Major Title 2 (World) Major Title Tournament Leader
1996 Gaelco maniacsp Maniac Square (prototype) Mania Challenge
1992 Irem America skingam2 The Irem Skins Game (US set 2)
1992 Irem America skingame The Irem Skins Game (US set 1)
1981 [Konami] (Sega license) tactcan2 Tactician (set 2) Tactician

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