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Year Manuf. Driver Description Game Name
1979 Atari abaseb Atari Baseball (set 1) Atari Baseball
1979 Atari abaseb2 Atari Baseball (set 2) Atari Baseball
1979 Atari asteroi1 Asteroids (rev 1) Asteroids Deluxe
1979 bootleg asteroib Asteroids (bootleg on Lunar Lan... Asteroids Deluxe
1979 Atari asteroid Asteroids (rev 2) Asteroids Deluxe
1979 Data East astrof Astro Fighter (set 1) Astro Fighter
1979 Data East astrof2 Astro Fighter (set 2) Astro Fighter
1979 Data East astrof3 Astro Fighter (set 3) Astro Fighter
1979 Atari atarifb4 Atari Football (4 players) Atari Football
1979 Vectorbeam barrier Barrier Barrier
1979 Namco bombbee Bomb Bee Bomb Bee
1979 Atari bsktball Basketball Atari Basketball
1979 Allied Leisure clayshoo Clay Shoot Clay Pigeon
1979 Universal cosmica Cosmic Alien Cosmic Alien
1979 Universal cosmica2 Cosmic Alien (older) Cosmic Alien
1979 Universal cosmicg Cosmic Guerilla Cosmic Guerilla
1979 Universal cosmicmo Cosmic Monsters Cosmic Monsters
1979 Exidy crash Crash
1979 Namco cutieq Cutie Q Cutie Q
1979 bootleg desterth Destination Earth
1979 Exidy fireone Fire One Fire One!
1979 hack galap1 Space Invaders Galactica Space Invaders Galactica
1979 hack galap4 Galaxian Part 4
1979 hack galapx Galaxian Part X
1979 Namco galaxiaj Galaxian (Namco set 2) Galaxian
1979 Namco galaxian Galaxian (Namco set 1) Galaxian
1979 [Namco] (Midway license) galmidw Galaxian (Midway) Galaxian
1979 [Namco] (Midway license) galmidwo Galaxian (Midway, old rev) Galaxian
1979 hack galturbo Galaxian Turbo Galaxian Turbo
1979 Universal galxwar2 Galaxy Wars (Universal set 2) Galaxy Wars
1979 Universal galxwars Galaxy Wars (Universal set 1) Galaxy Wars
1979 Taito? galxwart Galaxy Wars (Taito?) Galaxy Wars
1979 Taito (Universal license?) grescue Galaxy Rescue Galaxy Rescue
1979 Gremlin headon Head On (2 players) Head On 2
1979 Sega headon2 Head On 2 Head On 2
1979 Gremlin headonb Head On (1 player) Head On 2
1979 Denki Onkyo heiankyo Heiankyo Alien
1979 Taito invadpt2 Space Invaders Part II (Taito) Space Invaders Part II
1979 Sega invds Invinco / Deep Scan Invinco!
1979 Sega invho2 Invinco / Head On 2 Invinco!
1979 Sega invinco Invinco Invinco!
1979 Jatre jspecter Jatre Specter (set 1)
1979 Jatre jspectr2 Jatre Specter (set 2)
1979 Leijac kamikaze Kamikaze
1979 Atari llander Lunar Lander (rev 2) Lunar Lander
1979 Atari llander1 Lunar Lander (rev 1) Lunar Lander
1979 Taito lrescue Lunar Rescue Lunar Rescue
1979 Atari montecar Monte Carlo Monte Carlo
1979 SNK ozmawar2 Ozma Wars (set 2) Ozma Wars
1979 SNK ozmawars Ozma Wars (set 1) Ozma Wars
1979 Midway phantom2 Phantom II Phantom II
1979 Exidy ripcord Rip Cord Rip Cord
1979 Cinematronics ripoff Rip Off Rip Off
1979 Nichibutsu rollingc Rolling Crash / Moon Base Rolling Crash
1979 SNK safarir Safari Rally (Japan) Safari
1979 Taito schaser Space Chaser Space Chaser
1979 Taito schasrcv Space Chaser (CV version) Space Chaser
1979 Nintendo sfeverbw Space Fever (black and white) Space Fever
1979 Taito sflush Straight Flush Straight Flush
1979 Nintendo sheriff Sheriff Sheriff
1979 Taito sicv Space Invaders (CV Version) Space Invaders
1979 Exidy sidetrac Side Track Side Track
1979 bootleg solfight Solar Fight Solar Fight
1979 Irem spacbeam Space Beam
1979 Nintendo spacefev Space Fever (color) Space Fever
1979 Zilec Games spaceph Space Phantoms
1979 Leijac (Konami) spcewarl Space War (Leijac) Space War Part Three
1979 Konami spcking2 Space King 2 Space King
1979 Vectorbeam speedfrk Speed Freak Speed Freak
1979 Sega sspacat2 Space Attack (upright, older) Space Attack
1979 Sega sspacatc Space Attack (cocktail) Space Attack
1979 Sega sspaceat Space Attack (upright) Space Attack
1979 Yachiyo Electronics, Ltd. sstrngr2 Space Stranger 2 Space Seeker
1979 Exidy starfira Star Fire (set 2) Star Fire
1979 Exidy starfire Star Fire (set 1) Star Fire
1979 bootleg starw Star Wars Star Wars
1979 Cinematronics sundance Sundance Sundance
1979 hack superg Super Galaxians Super Galaxians
1979 hack swarm Swarm
1979 Cinematronics tailg Tailgunner
1979 Atari tunhunt Tunnel Hunt Tunnel Hunt
1979 Atari videopin Video Pinball Video Pinball
1979 bootleg yosakdon Yosaku To Donbee (bootleg) Yosaku
1979 Petaco S.A. zerotime Zero Time Zero Team

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