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Year Manuf. Driver Description Game Name
1983 Atari alphaona Alpha One (prototype, 5 lives)
1983 Atari alphaone Alpha One (prototype, 3 lives)
1980 Cinematronics armora Armor Attack Armor Attack
1980 Cinematronics armorap Armor Attack (prototype) Armor Attack
1980 Cinematronics (Rock-ola license) armorar Armor Attack (Rock-ola) Armor Attack
1980 Atari astdelu1 Asteroids Deluxe (rev 1) Asteroids Deluxe
1980 Atari astdelux Asteroids Deluxe (rev 2) Asteroids Deluxe
1979 Atari asteroi1 Asteroids (rev 1) Asteroids Deluxe
1979 bootleg asteroib Asteroids (bootleg on Lunar Lan... Asteroids Deluxe
1979 Atari asteroid Asteroids (rev 2) Asteroids Deluxe
1983 Centuri aztarac Aztarac Aztarac
1979 Vectorbeam barrier Barrier Barrier
1981 Cinematronics boxingb Boxing Bugs Boxing Bugs
1980 Atari bradley Bradley Trainer
1982 Atari bwidow Black Widow Black Widow
1980 Atari bzone Battle Zone (set 1) Battlezone
1980 Atari bzone2 Battle Zone (set 2) Battlezone
1980 Atari bzonec Battle Zone (cocktail) Battlezone
1983 Cinematronics / GCE cchasm Cosmic Chasm (set 1) Cosmic Chasm
1983 Cinematronics / GCE cchasm1 Cosmic Chasm (set 2) Cosmic Chasm
1982 Rock-ola demon Demon Demon
1981 Gremlin elim2 Eliminator (2 Players, set 1) Eliminator
1981 Gremlin elim2a Eliminator (2 Players, set 2) Eliminator
1981 Gremlin elim4 Eliminator (4 Players) Eliminator
1985 Atari Games esb The Empire Strikes Back Empire Strikes Back, The
1982 Atari gravitar Gravitar (version 3) Gravitar
1982 Atari gravitr2 Gravitar (version 2) Gravitar
1982 Atari gravp Gravitar (prototype) Gravitar
1979 Atari llander Lunar Lander (rev 2) Lunar Lander
1979 Atari llander1 Lunar Lander (rev 1) Lunar Lander
1982 Atari lunarbat Lunar Battle (prototype)
1983 Atari mhavoc Major Havoc (rev 3) Major Havoc
1983 Atari mhavoc2 Major Havoc (rev 2) Major Havoc
1983 Atari mhavocp Major Havoc (prototype) Major Havoc
1983 hack mhavocrv Major Havoc (Return to Vax) Major Havoc
1981 Midway omegrace Omega Race Omega Race
1982 Atari quantum Quantum (rev 2)
1982 Atari quantum1 Quantum (rev 1)
1982 Atari quantump Quantum (prototype)
1980 Atari redbaron Red Baron Red Baron
1979 Cinematronics ripoff Rip Off Rip Off
1981 Cinematronics solarq Solar Quest Solar Quest
1980 Atari spacduel Space Duel Space Duel
1978 Cinematronics spacewar Space Wars Space Wars
1981 Sega spacfura Space Fury (revision A) Space Fury
1981 Sega spacfury Space Fury (revision C) Space Fury
1979 Vectorbeam speedfrk Speed Freak Speed Freak
1980 Cinematronics starcas Star Castle (version 3) Star Castle
1980 Cinematronics starcas1 Star Castle (older) Star Castle
1980 Cinematronics (Mottoeis license) starcase Star Castle (Mottoeis) Star Castle
1980 Cinematronics starcasp Star Castle (prototype) Star Castle
1981 Cinematronics starhawk Star Hawk
1982 Sega startrek Star Trek Star Trek
1983 Atari starwar1 Star Wars (rev 1) Star Wars (1979)
1983 Atari starwars Star Wars (rev 2) Star Wars (1979)
1980 bootleg stellcas Stellar Castle (Elettronolo)
1979 Cinematronics sundance Sundance Sundance
1982 Sega tacscan Tac/Scan Tac/Scan
1979 Cinematronics tailg Tailgunner
1980 Atari tempest Tempest (rev 3) Tempest
1980 Atari tempest1 Tempest (rev 1) Tempest
1980 Atari tempest2 Tempest (rev 2) Tempest
1980 hack temptube Tempest Tubes Tempest
1978 Vectorbeam warrior Warrior Warrior
1981 Cinematronics wotw War of the Worlds War Of The Worlds
1982 Sega zektor Zektor (revision B) Zektor

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