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Year Manuf. Driver Description Game Name
1985 Nintendo armwrest Arm Wrestling Arm Wrestling
1984 Nintendo balonfgt Vs. Balloon Fight Vs. Balloon Fight
1984 Nintendo cluclu Vs. Clu Clu Land Vs. Clu Clu Land
1982 Nintendo dkngjnrj Donkey Kong Junior (Japan?) Donkey Kong Junior
1983 Nintendo dkong3j Donkey Kong 3 (Japan) Donkey Kong 3
1981 Nintendo dkongjo Donkey Kong (Japan set 2) Donkey Kong
1981 Nintendo dkongjo1 Donkey Kong (Japan set 3) (bad ... Donkey Kong
1981 Nintendo dkongjp Donkey Kong (Japan set 1) Donkey Kong
1982 Nintendo dkongjrj Donkey Kong Jr. (Japan) Donkey Kong Junior
1981 Nintendo dkongo Donkey Kong (US set 2) Donkey Kong
1990 Nintendo drmario Vs. Dr. Mario Vs. Dr. Mario
1985 Nintendo duckhunt Vs. Duck Hunt Vs. Duck Hunt
1984 Nintendo excitbkj Vs. Excitebike (Japan) Vs. Excitebike
1984 Nintendo excitebk Vs. Excitebike Vs. Excitebike
1980 Nintendo helifira HeliFire (revision A) Heli Fire
1980 Nintendo helifire HeliFire (revision B) Heli Fire
1985 Nintendo hogalley Vs. Hogan's Alley Vs. Hogan's Alley
1984 Nintendo iceclimb Vs. Ice Climber Football, Long Bomb
1984 Nintendo iceclmbj Vs. Ice Climber (Japan) Football, Long Bomb
1984 Nintendo iceclmrj Vs. Ice Climber Dual (Japan) Football, Long Bomb
1984 Nintendo ladygolf Vs. Stroke and Match Golf (Ladi...
1985 Nintendo machridj Vs. Mach Rider (Japan, Fighting... Vs. Mach Rider
1985 Nintendo machridr Vs. Mach Rider (Endurance Cours... Vs. Mach Rider
1983 Nintendo mariojp Mario Bros. (Japan) Mario Bros.
???? Nintendo nss_fzer Nintendo Super System: F-Zero Nintendo Super System
???? Nintendo nss_smw Nintendo Super System: Super Ma... Nintendo Super System
???? Nintendo nss_sten Nintendo Super System: Super Tennis Nintendo Super System
1984 Nintendo pc_bfght PlayChoice-10: Balloon Fight Galaxie 2
1990 Nintendo pc_drmro PlayChoice-10: Dr. Mario Go Sprout
1984 Nintendo pc_duckh PlayChoice-10: Duck Hunt Game Pachinko
1984 Nintendo pc_ebike PlayChoice-10: Excite Bike Galaxy Invader
1984 Nintendo pc_golf PlayChoice-10: Golf Galaxy Invader 1000
1984 Nintendo pc_hgaly PlayChoice-10: Hogan's Alley Game Player
1983 Nintendo pc_mario PlayChoice-10: Mario Bros. Galaxian, Midway's
1987 Nintendo pc_miket PlayChoice-10: Mike Tyson's Pun... G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero
1991 Nintendo pc_moglf PlayChoice-10: Mario's Open Golf
1986 Nintendo pc_mtoid PlayChoice-10: Metroid Real Ghostbusters, The
1986 Nintendo pc_pwrst PlayChoice-10: Pro Wrestling Garfield
1985 Nintendo pc_smb PlayChoice-10: Super Mario Bros. Galaxy Twinvader
1988 Nintendo pc_smb2 PlayChoice-10: Super Mario Bros. 2 Godzilla
1988 Nintendo pc_smb3 PlayChoice-10: Super Mario Bros. 3 Godzilla King of Monsters
1983 Nintendo pc_tenis PlayChoice-10: Tennis Galaxian, Beam
1986 Nintendo pc_vball PlayChoice-10: Volley Ball Galaxy Twinvader
1984 Nintendo pc_wgnmn PlayChoice-10: Wild Gunman Game Pocket Computer
1982 Nintendo popeye Popeye (revision D) Popeye
1982 Nintendo popeyef Popeye (revision F) Popeye
1982 Nintendo popeyeu Popeye (revision D not protected) Popeye
1984 Nintendo punchout Punch-Out!! Punch-Out!!
1980 Nintendo radarscp Radar Scope Radar Scope
1979 Nintendo sfeverbw Space Fever (black and white) Space Fever
1979 Nintendo sheriff Sheriff Sheriff
1981 Nintendo skyskipr Sky Skipper Sky Skipper
1984 Nintendo smgolf Vs. Stroke and Match Golf (Men ...
1984 Nintendo smgolfj Vs. Stroke and Match Golf (Men ...
1980 Nintendo spacefb Space Firebird (Nintendo) Space Firebird
1979 Nintendo spacefev Space Fever (color) Space Fever
1984 Nintendo spnchotj Super Punch-Out!! (Japan) Super Punch-Out!!
1984 Nintendo spnchout Super Punch-Out!! Super Punch-Out!!
1986 Nintendo suprmrio Vs. Super Mario Bros. Vs. Super Mario Bros.
1986 Nintendo vsgshoe Vs. Gumshoe Vs. Gumshoe
1984 Nintendo vsmahjng Vs. Mahjang (Japan) Vs. Mach Rider
1984 Nintendo vspinbal Vs. Pinball Vs. Pinball
1984 Nintendo vspinblj Vs. Pinball (Japan) Vs. Pinball
1985 Nintendo vssoccer Vs. Soccer Vs. Soccer
1984 Nintendo vstennis Vs. Tennis Vs. Tennis
1984 Nintendo wrecking Vs. Wrecking Crew Vs. Wrecking Crew

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