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Year Manuf. Driver Description Game Name
1990 Irem airduel Air Duel (Japan) Air Duel
1984 Irem battroad The Battle-Road Battle-Road, The
1991 Irem bbmanw Bomber Man World (World)
1991 Irem bbmanwj Bomber Man World (Japan)
1987 Irem bchopper Battle Chopper Battle Chopper
1991 Irem bmaster Blade Master (World) Blade Master
1991 Irem cosmccop Cosmic Cop (World) Cosmic Chasm
1989 Irem dbreed Dragon Breed Dragon Breed
1990 Irem dkgenm72 Daiku no Gensan (Japan, M72)
1990 Irem dkgensan Daiku no Gensan (Japan)
1994 Irem dsccr94j Dream Soccer '94 (Japan) Dream Soccer '94
1993 Irem firebarr Fire Barrel (Japan) Fire Barrel
1991 Irem gallop Gallop - Armed police Unit (Japan) Gallop - Armed Police Unit
1994 Irem geostorm Geostorm (Japan)
1980 Irem greenber Green Beret (Irem) Green Beret
1980 Irem gteikoku Gingateikoku No Gyakushu
1994 Irem gunforc2 Gunforce 2 (US) Gunforce II
1991 Irem gunforce Gunforce - Battle Fire Engulfed... Gunforce II
1991 Irem gunforcj Gunforce - Battle Fire Engulfed... Gunforce II
1992 Irem gunhohki Gun Hohki (Japan) Gun Hohki
1991 Irem hasamu Hasamu (Japan)
1990 Irem hharry Hammerin' Harry (World) Hammerin' Harry
1992 Irem hook Hook (World) Hook
1985 Irem horizon Horizon
1988 Irem imgfight Image Fight (Japan) Image Fight II
1993 Irem inthunt In The Hunt (World) In The Hunt
???? Irem ipminvad IPM Invader IPM Invader
1993 Irem kaiteids Kaitei Daisensou (Japan) Kaitei Daisensou
1991 Irem kengo Ken-Go
1988 Irem kikcubic Meikyu Jima (Japan)
1984 Irem kungfum Kung-Fu Master Kung-Fu Master
1993 Irem leaguemn Yakyuu Kakutou League-Man (Japan)
1991 Irem lethalth Lethal Thunder (World) Lethal Thunder
1989 Irem loht Legend of Hero Tonma Legend Of Hero Tonma
1992 Irem majtitl2 Major Title 2 (World) Major Title Tournament Leader
1990 Irem majtitle Major Title (Japan) Major Title Tournament Leader
1982 Irem mpatrol Moon Patrol Moon Patrol
1987 Irem mrheli Mr. HELI no Dai-Bouken Mr. Heli
1992 Irem mysticri Mystic Riders (World) Mystic Riders
1988 Irem nspirit Ninja Spirit Ninja Spirit
1988 Irem nspiritj Saigo no Nindou (Japan)
1992 Irem nss_skin Nintendo Super System: Skins Game Nintendo Super System
1990 Irem poundfor Pound for Pound (World) Pound For Pound
1993 Irem psoldier Perfect Soldiers (Japan) Perfect Soldiers
1992 Irem quizf1 Quiz F-1 1,2finish
1987 Irem rtype R-Type (Japan) R-Type
1989 Irem rtype2 R-Type II R-Type II
1989 Irem rtype2j R-Type II (Japan) R-Type II
1992 Irem rtypelej R-Type Leo (Japan rev. D) R-Type Leo
1992 Irem rtypeleo R-Type Leo (World rev. C) R-Type Leo
1987 Irem rtypepj R-Type (Japan prototype) R-Type
1980 Irem skychut Sky Chuter Sky Chuter
1979 Irem spacbeam Space Beam
1984 Irem spartanx Spartan X (Japan) Spartan X
1991 Irem thndblst Thunder Blaster (Japan) Thunder Blaster
1983 Irem travrusa Traverse USA / Zippy Race Traverse USA
1983 Irem troangel Tropical Angel Tropical Angel
1992 Irem uccops Undercover Cops (World) Undercover Cops
1992 Irem uccopsj Undercover Cops (Japan) Undercover Cops
1980 Irem uniwars UniWar S UniWar S
1988 Irem vigilant Vigilante (World) Vigilante
1988 Irem vigilntj Vigilante (Japan) Vigilante
1984 Irem vsyard 10 Yard Fight (Vs. version Worl... 10-Yard Fight
1984 Irem vsyard2 10 Yard Fight (Vs. version Japa... 10-Yard Fight
1984 Irem wilytowr Wily Tower
1989 Irem xmultipl X Multiply (Japan) X Multiply
1986 Irem yanchamr Kaiketsu Yanchamaru (Japan) Kaiketsu Yanchamaru
1983 Irem yard 10 Yard Fight (Japan) 10-Yard Fight
1986 Irem youjyudn Youjyuden (Japan)

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