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Year Manuf. Driver Description Game Name
1986 Cinematronics alleymas Alley Master Alley Master
1980 Cinematronics armora Armor Attack Armor Attack
1980 Cinematronics armorap Armor Attack (prototype) Armor Attack
1987 Cinematronics basebal2 Baseball The Season II Baseball The Season II
1981 Cinematronics boxingb Boxing Bugs Boxing Bugs
1985 Cinematronics cerberus Cerberus Cerberus
1986 Cinematronics dangerz Danger Zone Danger Zone
1984 Cinematronics freeze Freeze Freeze
1982 Cinematronics jack Jack the Giantkiller (set 1) Jack The Giantkiller
1982 Cinematronics jack2 Jack the Giantkiller (set 2) Jack The Giantkiller
1982 Cinematronics jack3 Jack the Giantkiller (set 3) Jack The Giantkiller
1985 Cinematronics mayhem Mayhem 2002 Mayhem 2002
1985 Cinematronics powrplay Power Play Power Play
1979 Cinematronics ripoff Rip Off Rip Off
1981 Cinematronics solarq Solar Quest Solar Quest
1978 Cinematronics spacewar Space Wars Space Wars
1980 Cinematronics starcas Star Castle (version 3) Star Castle
1980 Cinematronics starcas1 Star Castle (older) Star Castle
1980 Cinematronics starcasp Star Castle (prototype) Star Castle
1981 Cinematronics starhawk Star Hawk
1979 Cinematronics sundance Sundance Sundance
1979 Cinematronics tailg Tailgunner
1981 Cinematronics wotw War of the Worlds War Of The Worlds
1985 Cinematronics wseries World Series: The Season

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