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DL/SA PCB rev A Details


Primary logic board. Serial numbers below 6,000. Used the PR-7820 laser player. Requires hardware modification to use the LD-V1000 player. For conversion cards (like the Hi-Tech card) the card must be set to use PR-7820, and the board should be set to PR-7820 (if using DLE style ROMs).

Memory Map:

Start   End R W Type Description
0 - 1FFF r ROM U1 on Personality Board
2000 - 3FFF r ROM U2 on Personality Board
4000 - 5FFF r ROM U3 on Personality Board
6000 - 7FFF r ROM U4 on Personality Board
8000 - 9FFF r ROM U5 on Personality Board
A000 - A7FF r w RAM U3, 9128/2128/6116 RAM

Board Components:

System Location Part Type Notes? Description
U1 Z80 Chip Z80A chip (4MHz clock)
U12 74LS244 Chip Counter-to-bus buffer
U13 74LS393 Chip Dual 4-bit binary counter. Used?
U15 74LS245 Chip D0-D7 Buffer
U16 74LS374 Chip
U17 74LS244 Chip Port B buffer
U18 74LS245 Chip Port A bi-directional buffer
U2 74LS244 Chip A8-A15 Buffer
U22 74LS00 Chip NAND takes in RESET converts to !RESET. !BUSAK to BUSAK.
U23 74LS244 Chip Control Buffer (!RD, !WR, !MREQ, !RFSH, !MI, !IORQ)
U24 74LS01 Chip Invertor used 1-2, 3-4, 5-6 in clock. Inverts control lines as well.
U25 74LS00 Chip NAND used for MREQ; !WAIT. Also feeds !ADD DECODE EN and !CLR INT.
U26 74LS724 Chip D/Q FF for GI CLK; D/Q FF for /INT
U27 74LS08 Chip AND used for A14 & A15
U28 74LS724 Chip Feeds into !WAIT
U3 AM9128 Chip RAM. 2128, 6116, etc.
U4 74LS138 Chip Decodes A13-A15 for ROMs, RAM, !READ I/O, and !WR I/!
U5 74LS244 Chip Counter-to-bus buffer
U6 74LS393 Chip Dual 4-bit binary counter. Used?
U7 MC68705 Chip Used for 33ms Interrupt signal
U9 74LS244 Chip A0-A7 Buffer
Q8 2N5878 Transistor
U10 74LS138 Chip A3-A5 decoder + WR Load data and display enable
U11 74LS138 Chip A3-A5 decoder + RD Joy buffer, coin buffer, recieve disc data
U14 74LS244 Chip Buffers coin inputs
U19 AY-3-8910 Chip Primary Sound chip. Also port A + B ports read in DIPs.
U20 74LS244 Chip Buffer enabled by RD DISC DATA
U21 74LS374 Chip D/Q FF controled by DISC DATA and !LOAD DISC DATA
U29 LM282T Transistor Channel amp
U30 LM383T Transistor Channel amp
U8 74LS244 Chip Buffers joystick inputs

Games using this board:

Year Manuf. Name
1983 Cinematronics Dragon's Lair
1984 Cinematronics Space Ace

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