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Gottlieb System 80 Sound Details


+30V sound board with custom speech chip.


P1 Pinout:

Parts Side
Notes Meaning Pin
12v 1
Sound signal in S16 2
-12v 3
Sound signal in S32 4
5v 5
gnd 6
speaker 7
Sound signal in S1 8
Sound signal in S2 9
NOTE: some boards may be modified 30v 10
Sound signal in S4 11
Sound signal in S8 12

Memory Map:

Start   End R W Type Description
0 - FFF r w Port 6532 RIOT chip
1000 - 1FFF w Other U7, U8 latch for U20 DAC
2000 - 2FFF w Other Speech chip
3000 - 3FFF w Other U11, U18 latch for U19 DAC
4000 - 6FFF Other J1/not used
7000 - 77FF r ROM U5 2716 PROM
7800 - 7FFF r ROM U6 2716 PROM

Board Components:

System Location Part Type Notes? Description
U1 7414 Chip Reset, R/!W, a few other lines
U10 74LS02N Chip chip selects (U11 & 18, U7 & 8)
U11 74LS75 Chip Low order latch for U19 DAC
U12 7407 Chip Level shift feeding into voice chip control lines.
U13 74LS05 Chip Level shift (invertor) feeding into speech chip.
U14 SC01 Chip Custom voice chip. If this is not working (and you can confirm it), you will have a hard time replacing.
U15 R6532 Chip RIOT used to read inputs, dips.
U16 74LS04 Chip inverters for input from sound channels S1-S32 to RIOT.
U17 74LS30 Chip Large !OR gate used to generate interrupt on RIOT. This tells the RIOT that new inputs are waiting. Note that shorting out U17 or U16 can display the same results (stuck inputs). This condition will cause no sounds to be generated.
U18 74LS75 Chip High order latch for U19 DAC
U19 1408 Chip DAC used for SC01 speech chip clock
U2 74LS74 Chip Used in clock circuit
U20 1408 Chip DAC used for U22 and output amp (normal sounds?)
U21 LM741 Chip Analog inverter. Used to feed clock into speech chip.
U22 LM741 Chip Analog inverted used to feed audio output (amp).
U23 LM379S Chip Amp. Hard to find and expensive. Does fail, but not as often as one might think. Check input (pin 9) to see if any sounds are getting in. Then check output (pin 10) to confirm output. Note that this chip is oriented BACKWARDS from all other chips.
U24 LM193 Chip Lamp Driver Interface
U25 7404 Chip Used in clock circuit
U3 R6502 Chip CPU
U4 74LS138 Chip Device select
U5 2716 Chip PROM
U6 2716 Chip PROM
U7 74LS75 Chip Low order latch for U20 DAC
U8 74LS75 Chip High order latch for U20 DAC
U9 75LS75 Chip Latch that eventually feeds to speech chip

Games using this board:

Year Manuf. Name
1982 Gottlieb Q*bert
1982 Gottlieb Reactor

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