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Coin-Op : Arcade : Centipede : "centipd2" Virtual Machine


ROM Set/Virtual Machine: centipd2
Long Name: Centipede (revision 2)
Manufacturer: Atari
Year: 1980
Clone?: Yes, of centiped
Implemented In: centiped.c
Monitor Type: raster
Orientation: vertical
Resolution: 256 x 240 (w x h)
Colors: 8

NOTE: These are MAME "Virtual Machines." These virtual machines are ROM-specific but contain address space information (memory maps) that may be useful when debugging hardware. There may be descrencies between MAME's definition of the hardware, and actual hardware. Information is provided for reference only. THERE ARE NO ROMS ANYWHERE ON THIS WEB SITE.

Driver Details

ROM Regions:

Region ROM File Start - End CRC 9010A SHA1
CPU1 centiped.207 2000 - 27FF B2909E2F BD77 90ec90bd1e262861730afd5b113ec8dddd958ed8
CPU1 centiped.208 2800 - 2FFF 110E04FF 4EFE 4cb481792411b6aefac561744cfbe107aba8bab3
CPU1 centiped.209 3000 - 37FF CC2EDB26 A4D6 b3ea580afa6a1ac44662051fae19c1efc320fcd3
CPU1 centiped.210 3800 - 3FFF 93999153 E950 8788c2b39fc5bfbb147a5e7c26ad360bba8d1063
GFX1 centiped.211 0 - 7FF 880ACFB9 A7C3 6c862352c329776f2f9974a0df9dbe41f9dbc361
GFX1 centiped.212 800 - FFF B1397029 31D8 974c03d29aeca672fffa4dfc00a06be6a851aacb

NOTE: These are the "ROM Regions" defined in the MAME "Virtual Machine." Usually these correspond to actual CPUs or Sound CPUs. Occasionally they will not. Occasionally they will be wrong, or they will not be mappable locations. Paging is usually handled through a software "hack" and not represented in this map.
9010A: Refers to the Fluke 9010A Signature Analysis algorithm. You should independently confirm these signature numbers before using. Different ROM versions will have different signatures.

Emulated CPUs:

CPU: M6502
CPU#: 1
Sound?: No
Fluke 9010A Script
Start - End   R   W 
0 - 3FF r w
400 - 7BF w
400 - 7FF r
7C0 - 7FF w
800 - 800 r
801 - 801 r
C00 - C00 r
C01 - C01 r
C02 - C02 r
C03 - C03 r
1000 - 100F r w
1400 - 140F w
1600 - 163F w
1680 - 1680 w
1700 - 173F r
1800 - 1800 w
1C00 - 1C02 w
1C03 - 1C04 w
1C07 - 1C07 w
2000 - 2000 w
2000 - 3FFF r w

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