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Coin-Op : Arcade : Off The Wall : "otwalls" Virtual Machine


ROM Set/Virtual Machine: otwalls
Long Name: Off the Wall (Sente)
Manufacturer: Bally/Sente
Year: 1984
Clone?: No
Implemented In: balsente.c
Monitor Type: raster
Orientation: horizontal
Resolution: 256 x 240 (w x h)
Colors: 1024

NOTE: These are MAME "Virtual Machines." These virtual machines are ROM-specific but contain address space information (memory maps) that may be useful when debugging hardware. There may be descrencies between MAME's definition of the hardware, and actual hardware. Information is provided for reference only. THERE ARE NO ROMS ANYWHERE ON THIS WEB SITE.

Driver Details

ROM Regions:

Region ROM File Start - End CRC 9010A SHA1
CPU1 otw-ab0.bin 10000 - 11FFF 474441C7 4190 16fb5be9f94e072d4f3003abcc9dcf6d7af2359a
CPU1 otw-ab1.bin 12000 - 13FFF 2E9E9411 5646 7dfd8dafa34e4d22fa0c5e472e3e98a1c0969f43
CPU1 otw-ab2.bin 14000 - 15FFF BA092128 810F a38305c3ea9c8bf3596c18829655049f9468166e
CPU1 otw-ab3.bin 16000 - 17FFF 74BC479D A9E4 905dab90aa11f3f4359185bb67d8c2bdc957516d
CPU1 otw-ab4.bin 18000 - 19FFF F5F67619 4793 e3eb1434dff987d27056ae0749046f32f280160b
CPU1 otw-ab5.bin 1A000 - 1BFFF F5F67619 4793 e3eb1434dff987d27056ae0749046f32f280160b
CPU1 otw-cd.bin 2C000 - 2DFFF 8E2D15AB CDB4 8043fdf637de7752e8d42554ebad2e155a6f5939
CPU1 otw-ef.bin 2E000 - 2FFFF 57EAB299 749F 475d800c03d6b2786bd23861d61dc113b837a585
CPU2 sentesnd 0 - 1FFF 4DD0A525 B1EC f0c447adc5b67917851a9df978df851247e75c43
GFX1 otw-gr0.bin 0 - 1FFF 210BAD3C 90AE 703769c6a569b17f2ad18441da7de0237be4721e
GFX1 otw-gr1.bin 2000 - 3FFF 13E6AAA5 A692 ac8b9d16d2159d4a578d8fa988b59c058c5efc88
GFX1 otw-gr2.bin 4000 - 5FFF 5CFEFEE5 C90B 9aa74f0e1116098f43a4f8b4957db8923ddaf780
GFX1 otw-gr3.bin 6000 - 7FFF 6B17E4A9 DEAF f9c57da863d613a456ee056569a87a9552ad3874
GFX1 otw-gr4.bin 8000 - 9FFF 15985C8C C552 94f21c348bfbe4db6d0cfa5b5e35d2df4b8f936d
GFX1 otw-gr5.bin A000 - BFFF 448F7E3C E7A3 505724e90f17b05ccf0137dbed0d33e39db1d5ab

NOTE: These are the "ROM Regions" defined in the MAME "Virtual Machine." Usually these correspond to actual CPUs or Sound CPUs. Occasionally they will not. Occasionally they will be wrong, or they will not be mappable locations. Paging is usually handled through a software "hack" and not represented in this map.
9010A: Refers to the Fluke 9010A Signature Analysis algorithm. You should independently confirm these signature numbers before using. Different ROM versions will have different signatures.

Emulated CPUs:

CPU: M6809
CPU#: 1
Sound?: No
Fluke 9010A Script
Start - End   R   W 
0 - 7FF w
0 - 8FFF r
800 - 7FFF w
8000 - 8FFF w
9000 - 9007 w
9400 - 9401 r
9800 - 987F w
9880 - 989F w
98A0 - 98BF w
98C0 - 98DF w
98E0 - 98FF w
9900 - 9900 r
9901 - 9901 r
9902 - 9902 r
9903 - 9903 r w
9A00 - 9A03 r
9A04 - 9A05 r w
9B00 - 9CFF w
9B00 - 9BFF r
9C00 - 9CFF r
A000 - FFFF w
A000 - BFFF r
C000 - FFFF r
CPU: Z80
CPU#: 2
Sound?: No
Fluke 9010A Script
Start - End   R   W 
0 - 1FFF r w
2000 - 5FFF r w
6000 - 7FFF w
E000 - FFFF r

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