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"mjkoiura" Virtual Machine


ROM Set/Virtual Machine: mjkoiura
Long Name: Mahjong Koi Uranai (Japan)
Manufacturer: Nichibutsu
Year: 1992
Clone?: No
Implemented In: nbmj9195.c
Monitor Type: raster
Orientation: horizontal
Resolution: 640 x 240 (w x h)
Colors: 256

NOTE: These are MAME "Virtual Machines." These virtual machines are ROM-specific but contain address space information (memory maps) that may be useful when debugging hardware. There may be descrencies between MAME's definition of the hardware, and actual hardware. Information is provided for reference only. THERE ARE NO ROMS ANYWHERE ON THIS WEB SITE.

Driver Details

ROM Regions:

Region ROM File Start - End CRC 9010A SHA1
CPU1 mjku_01.bin 0 - FFFF EF9AE73E 594C 2e7fe8f55bc06b842d74efd246df04be647d17e3
CPU2 mjku_02.bin 0 - 1FFFF 3A230C22 5A52 13aa18dcd320039bca2530c62d1033e4e3335697
GFX1 mjku_03.bin 0 - 1FFFF 59432CCF 26A3 a06be02c3d233e607a70b5f79e81c5eb0ff81fd9
GFX1 mjku_04.bin 20000 - 3FFFF DF5816CB 63EE 9bbadfcecddc36d2c8109c025e74bb10c854e30c
GFX1 mjku_05.bin 40000 - 5FFFF BF01B952 58B b15f1532e0a31269bc31e71d94882d1c00ee6359
GFX1 mjku_06.bin 60000 - 7FFFF 2DEA05EF 15A6 4d2b44794767cab1d3ef8a3c2c3bd04d2bc93cfa
GFX1 mjku_07.bin 80000 - 9FFFF C7843126 FF21 bd8d7a3cfb53907b058469a796aeabee3deb6e3a
GFX1 mjku_08.bin A0000 - BFFFF C7F2FC2D 3A3B ac135de9173a96c652d56c2b1a6b775f81faad5c
GFX1 mjku_09.bin C0000 - DFFFF 816B2A36 42C9 a70bea19ef14e58a6805131c107aca618d2b672e
GFX1 mjku_10.bin E0000 - FFFFF C417FE11 F024 590aadb6cff534d989128d06032307ffdf5dc6cb
GFX1 mjku_11.bin 100000 - 11FFFF 9E1914E2 EB39 f12c8b8dc0ab991c99493d17ab4ccc3dc9ab1759
GFX1 mjku_12.bin 120000 - 13FFFF 3607CEC 901B 0da5c38526f223dad1552935d6da43ca806fe4c9
GFX1 mjku_13.bin 140000 - 15FFFF 18018E08 6143 4a98cd26c59e6f696d1b72afb37f085121f791aa
GFX1 mjku_14.bin 160000 - 17FFFF 4E835FC0 6947 b8585a038653a6d188a31b666f521b81dae2e763
GFX1 mjku_15.bin 180000 - 19FFFF 8FE50109 AE50 7ba8a73c58471126a851e07f57c3d00b8fdf1459
GFX1 mjku_16.bin 1A0000 - 1BFFFF DC5B8688 8C8C 749af90c0759a47d7c78cc07958da1b4f11f4d76
GFX1 mjku_17.bin 1C0000 - 1DFFFF 8579A7B8 C282 0509e2f2717c55ce58dc4c74d65db714faa00c2f
GFX1 mjku_18.bin 1E0000 - 1FFFFF C5E330A4 A48A 465794e4fa2879d2ae396f1e8624bf21f784bfa3
GFX1 mjku_21.bin 240000 - 25FFFF 585998BD 927C 5df6af1c33038eb3868fa9a2626396c3080077cc
GFX1 mjku_22.bin 260000 - 27FFFF 64AF3E5D 2B13 9b9e8e3eda9b1a1c9b6b464e6c9f30ac4a667dbf

NOTE: These are the "ROM Regions" defined in the MAME "Virtual Machine." Usually these correspond to actual CPUs or Sound CPUs. Occasionally they will not. Occasionally they will be wrong, or they will not be mappable locations. Paging is usually handled through a software "hack" and not represented in this map.
9010A: Refers to the Fluke 9010A Signature Analysis algorithm. You should independently confirm these signature numbers before using. Different ROM versions will have different signatures.

Emulated CPUs:

CPU: Z80
CPU#: 1
Sound?: No
Fluke 9010A Script
Start - End   R   W 
0 - EFFF r w
F200 - F3FF r w
F800 - FFFF r w
CPU: Z80
CPU#: 2
Sound?: No
Fluke 9010A Script
Start - End   R   W 
0 - 77FF r w
7800 - 7FFF r w
8000 - FFFF r

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