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Games starting with 'I'

Year Manuf. Name Description
1983 Atari I, Robot
1984 Nintendo Ice Climber Climb the Mountain by jumping and using y...
1984 Taito Ice Cold Beer While strickly speaking, this is not an v...
1987 Nichibutsu Iemoto
1988 Jaleco Iga Ninjyutsuden
1989 SNK Ikari III: The Rescue
1986 Tradewest Ikari Warriors
1988 Irem Image Fight
1991 Irem Image Fight II
1993 Irem In The Hunt
1980 Taito Indian Battle
1985 Atari Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom
1985 Universal Indoor Soccer
1976 Atari Indy 4
1995 Sega Indy 500
1975 Kee Games Indy 800
1984 Williams Inferno
1988 Taito Insector X
1976 Taito Interceptor
1983 Funai Interstellar
1983 Nova Games Intrepid
1980 Game Plan Intruder
1978 Zaccaria Invaders, The
1979 Sega/Gremlin Invinco!
1979 Irem IPM Invader There is an intermission after the 3rd se...
1995 Unknown Iron Claw
1986 Konami Iron Horse
1989 Leland Ironman Ivan Stewart's Super Off Road
1989 Leland Ironman Ivan Stewart's Super Off Road Track Pak
1997 SNK/Saurus Irritating Maze, The

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