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Games starting with 'B'

Year Manuf. Name Description
1985 Data East B-Wings
1992 Kaneko B. Rap Boys
1991 Jaleco B.O.T.S.S.
1982 Bally Midway Baby Pac-Man This game has a 13" monitor oriented vert...
1995 Data East Backfire!
1988 Data East Bad Dudes Vs. Dragon Ninja
1984 Konami Badlands Konami's entry into the laser disc genre.
1989 Atari Badlands 1989 release, not to be confused with Kon...
1982 Stern Bagman Another sophisticated and rather difficu...
1996 Metro Bal Cube
1980 Taito Balloon Bomber
1984 Nintendo Balloon Fight Nintendo took the basic premise of Joust,...
1980 Exidy Bandido
1983 Sega Bank Panic
1976 Ramtek Barricade
1977 Taito Barricade II
1978 Vectorbeam Barrier A game that bears a remarkable resemblanc...
1984 Nintendo Baseball Games based on the popular sport of Baseball.
1989 Nintendo Baseball Stars
1992 SNK Baseball Stars 2
1990 SNK Baseball Stars Professional
1987 Cinematronics Baseball The Season II
1987 Jaleco Bases Loaded
1986 Konami Bass Angler
1990 Atari Games Batman A sidescrolling action game based on the ...
1996 Acclaim Batman Forever
1993 Toaplan Batsugun
1987 Konami Battlantis
1995 Capcom Battle Arena Toshinden 2
1997 Seibu Kaihatsu Battle Balls
1986 Irem Battle Bird
1992 American Sammy Battle Blaze
1987 Irem Battle Chopper
1994 Psikyo Battle K-Road
1986 Taito Battle Lane Vol. 5
1981 Comsoft/Game World Battle Of Atlantis
1989 Taito Battle Shark
1984 Nihon Bussan Battle Wings
1984 Irem Battle-Road, The
1994 Electronic Arts Battletoads
1980 Atari Battlezone At the time of the release, Atari was ask...
1989 Sunsoft Bay Route
1977 Project Support Engineering Bazooka
1990 SNK Beast Busters Fast paced lightgun shooter that had simu...
1999 SNK Beast Busters: Second Nightmare
1984 Cardinal Amusement Products Beastie Feastie Conversion kit for Pac-Man (or Ms. Pac-Ma...
1995 Konami Beat The Champ
1998 Konami Beatmania
1998 Konami Beatmania 2nd Mix
1999 Konami Beatmania 3rd Mix
1999 Konami Beatmania 4th Mix ~Time To Get Down~
2001 Konami Beatmania 6th Mix: The UK Underground Music
1999 Konami Beatmania IIDX
2000 Konami Beatmania IIDX 2nd Style
2000 Konami Beatmania IIDX 3rd Style
2000 Konami Beatmania IIDX 4th Style
2001 Konami Beatmania IIDX 5th Style
1996 Atari Games Beavis And Butt-Head And spelled wrong.
1982 Tong Beezer Galaxian/Pac-Man conversion kit.
1983 Data East Bega's Battle Laser disc game with an Anime style of dr...
1991 Konami Bells & Whistles
1991 Kaneko Berlin Wall, The
1987 SNK Bermuda Triangle
1980 Stern Berzerk The arcade version of Berzerk features a ...
1994 Jaleco Best Bout Boxing
1986 Taito Big Event Golf
1991 Gaelco Big Karnak
1984 American Technos Big Pro Wrestling!, The
1990 Jaleco Big Run
1992 Jaleco Big Striker
1976 Meadows Games Bigfoot Bonkers
1983 Taito Bio Attack
1990 UPL Bio-Ship Paladin
1995 Gaelco Biomechanical Toy
1987 Capcom Bionic Commando An unusual platform game, because the mai...
1976 Fun Games Inc. BiPlane
1976 Fun Games Inc. BiPlane 4
1982 Taito Birdie King Trackball based golf game that was played...
1983 Taito Birdie King 2
1984 Taito Birdie King 3
1988 Data East Birdie Try
1991 UPL Black Heart
1980 Unknown Black Hole
1981 Williams Black Knight Pinball
1987 Konami Black Panther
1987 Capcom Black Tiger This is a one player fantasy game and is ...
1982 Atari Black Widow Extremely fast-paced vector screen game w...
1991 Irem Blade Master
1987 Konami Blades Of Steel
1989 Namco Blast Off
1988 Midway Blasted
1983 Williams Blaster
1987 Atari Games Blasteroids Blasteroids is a great "updated" version ...
1978 Gremlin Blasto Simple but fun game where the player cont...
1992 Atlus Blazeon
1987 Namco Blazer
1998 Yumekobo Blazing Star
1991 Capcom Block Block
1992 Visco Block Carnival
1978 Nintendo Block Fiber
1978 Konami Block Game
1989 Konami Block Hole
1989 American Technos Block Out
1976 Gremlin Blockade
1990 TAD Blood Brothers
1994 Kaneko Blood Warrior
1994 Strata BloodStorm
1988 Data East Bloody Wolf
1990 Sega Bloxeed
1982 Bally Midway Blue Print
1978 Bally Midway Blue Shark
1990 Alpha Denshi Blue's Journey
1991 Atari Games BMX Heat
1986 Unknown Bobble Bobble
1986 Sega Body Slam
1985 American Technos Bogey Manor
1979 Namco Bomb Bee
1984 Tehkan Bomb Jack
1991 Irem Bomber Man This game was only released in the arcade...
1992 Irem Bomber Man World I THINK it was only released in Japan.
1976 Meadows Games Bombs Away
1990 Sega Bonanza Bros.
1984 Unknown Bone Crusher
1994 Kaneko Bonk's Adventure
1988 Taito Bonze Adventure
1989 Data East Boogie Wings
1983 Data East Boomer Rang'r
1985 Sunsoft Boomerang
1987 Konami Boot Camp
1977 Midway Boot Hill
1981 Sega Borderline
1990 Sega Borench
1981 Midway Bosconian
1989 Konami Bottom Of The Ninth
1984 Exidy Boulder Dash
1985 Data East Boulder Dash
1984 Entertainment Sciences Bouncer Prototype.
1991 Comad Bouncing Balls
1982 Orca Bounty, The
1991 P&P Marketing Bowl-O-Rama
1979 Capcom Bowling Alley
1981 Cinematronics Boxing Bugs
1990 Namco Boxy Boy
1999 Sega Brave Firefighters
1986 Data East Break Thru
1976 Atari Breakout Breakout was a huge success in the late 7...
1986 Data East Breywood This game is the Japanese version of Shac...
1984 Exidy Bristles
1983 Cinematronics Brix
1991 Leland Brute Force
1986 Taito Bubble Bobble
1995 Taito Bubble Memories The Story of Bubble Bobble III
1994 Taito Bubble Symphony
1992 Namco Bubble Trouble Golly! Ghost! 2
1982 Williams Bubbles
1982 Sega Buck Rogers Planet Of Zoom
1992 Konami Bucky O'Hare
1984 Taito Buggy Challenge
1984 Sega Bull Fight
1982 Bally Midway Bump 'n' Jump One of Bally Midway’s lower production-ru...
1982 Data East Bump 'n' Jump Data East was able to license the game an...
1982 Bally Midway BurgerTime The upright version of the game features ...
1982 Data East BurgerTime In BurgerTime, you play Peter Pepper, a c...
1999 Neo-Geo Buriki One
1982 Data East Burnin' Rubber This is the same Data East game as Bump'n...
1991 SNK Burning Fight
1989 Namco Burning Force
1992 Sega Burning Rival
1993 SNK Bust-A-Move
1989 Capcom Buster Bros.
1995 Capcom Buster Buddies

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