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Coin-Op : Arcade : Major Havoc : KB-1669-121


Major Havoc Pinout




8/31/95 Typed in by Franklin Bowen (tfbowen@ingr.com or mjrhavoc@clark.net)
        (format stolen from Tempest.pin)
2/15/96 Corrected P18 from a 30-pin connector to a 24-pin connector


Pinouts for "Major Havoc" (Atari, 1983 (according to docs), 1984 (by KLOVDB))

P20: 44-pin edge connector

        component side        solder side
        --------------        -----------
                   GND  A  1  GND
                   +5V  B  2  +5V
                        C  3
                        D  4
       +10.3 VDC UNREG  E  5
             SELF TEST  F  6  COIN R
                        H  7  COIN L
                        J  8  AUDIO 1
              COIN AUX  K  9  AUDIO 2
                  FIRE  L 10
                   GND  M 11  GND
                SW GND  N 12  SW GND
                SHIELD  P 13
                 LIGHT  R 14
            COIN CTR L  S 15
            COIN CTR R  T 16  DIR
                   CLK  U 17
                        V 18
               -22 VDC  W 19
               +22 VDC  X 20
                   +5V  Y 21  +SENSE (+5V)
                   GND  Z 22  -SENSE (GND)

P18: 24-pin edge connector

        component side        solder side
        --------------        -----------
                        A  1
                        B  2
                        C  3
               RED GND  D  4  RED
                        E  5
             GREEN GND  F  6  GREEN
                        H  7
              BLUE GND  J  8  BLUE
                 X GND  K  9  X OUT
                 Y OUT  L 10  Y GND
                        M 11
                        N 12

- P20:R LIGHT - There was a light under the roller for the dedicated cabinet.
- If you're converting Major Havoc to run in a cabinet with a vertical
  monitor, you can get the game to display correctly by switching the
  X-OUT and Y-OUT pins, and/or grounding the X-INVERT and Y-INVERT pins.
- Once you've got the game displayed correctly, you can then fiddle with
  the XSIZE and YSIZE pots on the main board to resize the picture until
  you get something you like.
- This doesn't work on all monitors, so your mileage may vary, not only
  from monitor to monitor, but from board set to board set.

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