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Coin-Op : Arcade : Zektor (1982, Sega)

General Information


Zektor is a two-player 2D vector-graphics shooting game in which the object is to maneuver your spaceship around the screen, killing all the enemy ships and eventually destroying the enemy leader's giant face. Only one player plays at a time. Beginning screens are easy: The opposing vessels don't fire often and they have no shields, so a single direct hit obliterates them. Higher levels bring larger and larger ships equipped with shields, some requiring as many as four direct hits to kill. Enemy ships (all of which track your movements rather aggressively) enter each screen from the top, accompanied by randomly placed obstacles that float from top to bottom. Obstacles include spinning blue 'bumpers' that bounce your ship around (often into the path of enemy fire!) and green 'twirlers' that spin you around uncontrollably for a few seconds.

The most difficult task comes at the last screen of each level -- directing a single shot into the giant face of the enemy leader. The face image is surrounded by two counter-rotating circles, each of which has a small segment missing. Only when the two segments align can a shot enter the center, destroying the face. You get perhaps 5 chances to position your ship in line with the opening; if you miss all 5 chances, the face grows smaller and smaller, as if receding into the distance.

Successfully hitting the face destroys it and you gain an additional ship. Not hitting the face causes no loss and you still move on to the next level. However, a talented player will always be able to destroy the face.

Control of the ship is accomplished by a spinning knob (left hand) which governs the ship's orientation, while two rapid-fire buttons (right hand) operate weapon fire and rocket thrust. The third button may activate a temporary shield around the ship. Difficulty of play is on the same order as Asteroids, as far as navigation is concerned, but Zektor has fewer on-screen objects at any given time (with a maximum of about 10).

Coin-Op Details

Zektor, even in its heyday, was extremely rare; for instance, in the entire metropolitan New Orleans area, only two machines were ever placed, from 1985 through 1988.

Weights and Measurements:

Type Height Width Depth Weight   Notes
Upright: 71.25" 26" 29.88" 330 lbs.  

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Manual: PDF Manual BasementArcade.com

Technical Information

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Zektor Pinout spies.com

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Year ROM Set Description Manufacturer
1982 zektor Zektor (revision B) Sega

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