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Component : Pokey (searched for 'POKEY')


Atari Pokey Chip (POts and KEYs). A0-A3: Memory address bus, D0-D7: Memory data bus, P0-P7: Paddle inputs, KR1-KR2: Keyboard row strobe, K0-K5: Keyboard input, SID: Serial input data, BCLK: Bidirectional clock, ACLK: Serial output clock, SOD: Serial output data, IRQ: Interrupt request output to CPU, CS0-CS1: Chip select, AUD: Audio output.


  Vss |1    +--+   40| D2
   D3 |2           39| D1
   D4 |3           38| D0
   D5 |4           37| AUD
   D6 |5           36| A0
   D7 |6           35| A1
 CLK2 |7           34| A2
   P6 |8           33| A3
   P7 |9           32| R//W
   P4 |10  Pokey   31| CS1
   P5 |11 C012294  30| /CS0
   P2 |12          29| IRQ
   P3 |13          28| SOQ
   P0 |14          27| ACLK
   P1 |15          26| BCLK
 /KR2 |16          25| /KR1
  Vcc |17          24| SIO
  /K5 |18          23| /K0
   K4 |19          22| /K1
   K3 |20          21| /K2

Boards using component:

Type Name Description
Logic Centipede PCB Primary logic board.

Copyright statement
Component information gathered from GIICM, and per the copyright:

"Copyright 1992-1997, Frank A. Vorstenbosch.
Commercial reproduction of the included information (in whatever way) is not allowed without prior consent of the author. In all cases must this copyright message be reproduced on the copies."

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