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Component : AY-3-8910 (searched for 'AY-3-8910')


The AY-3-8910/8912/8913 Programmable Sound Generator (PSG) is a LSI Circuit which can produce a wide variety of complex sounds under software control. The AY-3-8910/8912/8913 is manufactured in the General Instrument N-Channel Ion Implant Process. Operation requires a single +5V power supply, a TTL compatible clock, and a microprocessor controller such as the General Instrument 16-bit CP1610 or one of the PIC1650 series of 8-bit microcomputers.


  Vss |1    +--+   40| Vcc
      |2           39| TEST1
 AnlB |3           38| AnlC
 AnlA |4           37| DA0
      |5           36| DA1
 IOB7 |6           35| DA2
 IOB6 |7           34| DA3
 IOB5 |8           33| DA4
 IOB4 |9           32| DA5
 IOB3 |10  AY-3-   31| DA6
 IOB2 |11   8910   30| DA7
 IOB1 |12          29| BC1
 IOB0 |13          28| BC2
 IOA7 |14          27| BDIR
 IOA6 |15          26| TEST2
 IOA5 |16          25| A8
 IOA4 |17          24| /A9
 IOA3 |18          23| /RESET
 IOA2 |19          22| CLK
 IOA1 |20          21| IOA0

Boards using component:

Type Name Description
Logic DL/SA PCB rev A Primary logic board. Serial numbers below...
Sound Sega/Gremlin 834-0069 Sub-logic board for Frogger. Mounted on t...

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