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Component : 2114 (searched for '2114')


1kx4 SRAM.


 A6 |1  +--+ 18| VCC
 A5 |2       17| A7
 A4 |3       16| A8
 A3 |4       15| A9
 A0 |5  2114 14| D1
 A1 |6       13| D2
 A2 |7       12| D3
/CE |8       11| D4
GND |9       10| /WE

Boards using component:

Type Name Description
Logic Centipede PCB Primary logic board.
Sound Sega/Gremlin 834-0069 Sub-logic board for Frogger. Mounted on t...
Logic Taito Qix Main Board Used in several Taito games. This board h...

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"Copyright 1992-1997, Frank A. Vorstenbosch.
Commercial reproduction of the included information (in whatever way) is not allowed without prior consent of the author. In all cases must this copyright message be reproduced on the copies."

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