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Coin-Op : Arcade : Zoo Keeper : Taito Qix ROM I/O Details


Can be configured for 2716 or 2732 based on jumper packs on board.

Board Components:

System Location Part Type Notes? Description
U11 68A21 Chip Paralell I/O
U2 74138 Chip Decoder 1 of 8
U20 68A21 Chip Paralell I/O
U21 74138 Chip Decoder 1 of 8
U23 74LS04 Chip Inverter, hex
U28 74138 Chip Decoder 1 of 8
U30 6821 Chip Paralell I/O

Games using this board:

Year Manuf. Name
1982 Taito Electric Yo-Yo, The
1982 Taito Kram
1981 Taito Qix
1981 Taito Space Dungeon

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