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Coin-Op : Arcade : Quantum (1982, Atari)

General Information


Quantum is a one-player or two-player (not simultaneous) game. The game action takes place in a sub-atomic world. The player tries to capture deadly atomic particles without being destroyed by them. To capture the particles, the player uses a trak-ball to control a sparkling comet. The comet leaves a line-trail behind it. The player must draw a complete circle around each deadly particle to destroy it, but without touching the particle, and before the comet's trail decays (i.e. disappears). When a player captures a particle, it explodes and the point value appears on the screen. If a player captures more than one particle at a time, double points are earned. The player advances to a new level when all of the NUCLEI have been captured, even if there are other particles are still on the screen. The comet is destroyed when it hits a particle or the red bonds between nuclei. The game ends when all the player's comets are destroyed. A player who beats the high score will be able to actually 'draw' their name, initials, shapes (i.e. anything) into a box using the trak-ball, which will then be saved, along with their initials.

Coin-Op Details

Produced in VERY limited numbers, Quantum has become a holy grail to many collectors. A complete, working Quantum can easily fetch over $2,000.

Weights and Measurements:

Type Height Width Depth Weight   Notes
Upright: 71.75" 25.25" 31.75" 307 lbs.  

Disclaimer: These are approximate weights and measurements taken from actual games or the manufacturer's literature. Occasionally games vary.

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Manual: PDF Manual BasementArcade.com
Manual: PDF Update Notice BasementArcade.com

Technical Information

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Quantum Pinout spies.com

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