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Coin-Op : Arcade : Cliff Hanger (1983, Stern)

General Information


Stern's entry into laser games. Cliff Hanger was based on an Anime (Japan Animation) series called Lupin III.

Coin-Op Details

Extremely hard to find today, Cliff Hanger commands some of the highest prices in collectible arcade games.

Web Reference Links:

Type Name/Description Courtesy
Manual: Technical Notes on Cliff Hanger tech.quarterarcade.com

Technical Information

Knowledge Base Articles:

Article Author
Cliff Hanger Pinout Part 1 spies.com
Cliff Hanger Pinout Part 2 spies.com

Related Boards:

Type Name Description
Logic: CH CRF RF Filter board.
Logic: CH GSI Graphics and Sound interface board.
Logic: CH Main ZPU Z80 base motherboard. "Zentral Processor Board."
Logic: CH NTSC Merges laser player images and GSI baord images to output to RGB to monitor.
Logic: CH UIB Universal Interface Board. Contains diodes for the switch matrix.
Logic: CH VMB Video Multiplexer Board which acts as a switch matrix.

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