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Coin-Op : Arcade : Speed Buggy (1986, Data East)

General Information


When you put your quarter in, the game allows you to select from one of five courses, one of which is an "offroad" option, which is the easiest to play. The other courses are entitled: East, North, West, South. After selecting your desired course, three fingers fly toward you on the screen, then two fingers, then one finger, giving you a countdown to the start of your buggy race. Your objective is to complete 5 laps, with each lap getting increasingly more difficult, while at the same time running through as many point-gates as possible. There are also Time gates to run through, which add time to your next lap once you cross each proceeding checkpoint. You furthermore want to run over as many of the varied-colored 30-point flags as possible for extra points. Also, in later laps, you will see soccer balls which you can hit with your buggy to score 2,000 points; some soccer balls are hidden, and you have to sideswipe a rock or some obstacle in order to boot out the hidden ball. There are narrow bridges, tunnels, logs to jump over, and rocks to put your buggy up on two wheels, which can sometimes be helpful to go around obstacles in the road.

Coin-Op Details

The game has a steering wheel, low & high gear shift, and a gas pedal (does it have a brake? it is mentioned on the instructions of the game console; but, just like Pole Position, you don't need a brake; downshifting, and letting off the gas slows you down plenty fast enough. Lots of fun!

Technical Information

This game does not have any technical information.

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