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Coin-Op : Arcade : Baby Pac-Man (1982, Bally Midway)

General Information


A unique game that combines challenging Maze action with pinball.

You play Baby Pac-Man who must navigate various mazes. Unlike Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man, you can also "escape" to the playfield to rack up addition points, get an extra Pac-Man, or increase the fruit value. Most importantly, you use the playfield to earn "Power Ups" so that you can chase the ghosts.

Coin-Op Details

This game has a 13" monitor oriented vertically on the top half. You move Baby Pac-Man using a 4-way joystick. When you choose to "escape" to the pinball playfield, you use two flipper buttons to control the flippers. There are actually four buttons -- two are mounted on the side of the game as a traditional pinball game, and two are located on the front of the control panel in a traditional arcade manner.

Game play is significantly more difficult in the maze area as the ghosts are much "smarter" than in Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man. This game is fairly collectible due to its unique nature and the fact that the pinball play is challenging to realistically emulate.

Weights and Measurements:

Type Height Width Depth Weight   Notes
Upright: 67.75" 22.75" 37" 0 lbs.  

Disclaimer: These are approximate weights and measurements taken from actual games or the manufacturer's literature. Occasionally games vary.

Web Reference Links:

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Manual: PDF Manual BasementArcade.com

Technical Information

This game does not have any technical information.

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