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Year Manuf. Name Description
1983 Atari Alpha 1
1983 Nippon Ambush
1983 Atari Arabian
1983 Sega Astron Belt
1983 Centuri Aztarac
1983 Sega Bank Panic
1983 Data East Bega's Battle Laser disc game with an Anime style of dr...
1983 Taito Bio Attack
1983 Taito Birdie King 2
1983 Williams Blaster
1983 Data East Boomer Rang'r
1983 Cinematronics Brix
1983 Unknown Car Action This is a bootleg of the Data East game "...
1983 Taito Chack'n Pop
1983 Sega Champion Baseball
1983 Sega Champion Baseball Part-2
1983 Sega Champion Boxing
1983 Taito Change Lanes
1983 Stern Cliff Hanger Extremely hard to find today, Cliff Hange...
1983 Atari Cloak & Dagger Offered as a conversion kit for "Defender...
1983 Data East Cluster Buster Game play is a combination of breakout an...
1983 Sega Commando '83 release by Sega.
1983 Sega Congo Bongo A great Adventure/Platform game! You have...
1983 Cinematronics Cosmic Chasm
1983 Exidy Crossbow Perhaps the best known in Exidy's series ...
1983 Atari Crystal Castles One of the really cool things about this ...
1983 Bally Midway Discs Of Tron Available in an Upright game and an "Envi...
1983 Bally Midway Domino Man
1983 American Technos Dommy
1983 Nintendo Donkey Kong 3 Third in the Donkey Kong series, this tim...
1983 UPL Dorodon
1983 Cinematronics Dragon's Lair Dragon's Lair was the most successful Las...
1983 Unknown Dribbling
1983 Universal Eggs
1983 Taito Elevator Action One of Taito’s more popular releases, thi...
1983 Orca Espial .
1983 Alpha Denshi Exciting Soccer
1983 Taito Exerion Distributed by Taito, this was a game lic...
1983 Exidy Fax Time based Question and Answer game.
1983 Taito Fighting Roller This may have been a Japanese only release.
1983 Atari Food Fight The arcade version sports classic Atari a...
1983 Bally Midway Galaxy Ranger A laser disc game in which the laser disc...
1983 Epos Glob, The Made only as a conversion kit for Pac-Man...
1983 Stern Goal To Go
1983 Taito Grand Prix
1983 Bally Midway Granny And The Gators
1983 Data East Graplop Not sure exactly how wide spread producti...
1983 Stern Great Guns
1983 Tehkan Guzzler
1983 Konami Gyruss Gyruss, released in 1983 is a shooting ga...
1983 Century Electronics Heart Attack
1983 Taito High Way Race
1983 Eastern Micro Electronics Inc. Hoccer
1983 Sega Hopper Robo
1983 Century Electronics Hunch Back
1983 Konami Hyper Olympic
1983 Atari I, Robot
1983 Funai Interstellar
1983 Nova Games Intrepid
1983 Taito Joshi Volleyball
1983 Bally Midway Journey
1983 SNK Joyful Road
1983 Bally Midway Jr. Pac-Man Jr. Pac-man was originally a "factory con...
1983 Kaneko Jump Coaster
1983 Bally Midway Jump Shot
1983 Konami Juno First
1983 Gottlieb Krull Gottlieb was probably best known for th...
1983 Rock-Ola Levers
1983 Namco Libble Rabble
1983 Stern Lost Tomb
1983 Mylstar M.A.C.H. 3
1983 Gottlieb Mad Planets
1983 Atari Major Havoc Released as both a conversion kit for agi...
1983 Bally Midway Mappy Mappy is you, a burglar mouse who's objec...
1983 Nintendo Mario Bros. Game play is straightforward: defeat all ...
1983 SNK Marvin's Maze
1983 Unknown Masao
1983 Stern Mazer Blazer
1983 Konami Mega Zone
1983 Bally Midway Midnight Marauders
1983 Stern Minefield
1983 Zaccaria Money Money
1983 Williams MotoRace USA
1983 UPL Mouser
1983 Universal Mr. Do! Vs. Unicorns
1983 Universal Mr. Do's Castle
1983 Centuri Munch Mobile
1983 Bally Midway NFL Football
1983 Rock-Ola Nibbler A snake or worm that eats fruits (or what...
1983 Data East Night Star
1983 Enter-Tech Noah's Ark Use the joystick to control Noah. Direct ...
1983 Namco Pac & Pal
1983 Namco Pac-Man & Chomp Chomp
1983 Namco Phozon
1983 Sega Pig Newton
1983 Nintendo PlayChoice-10: Mario Bros. Nintendo PlayChoice Cartridge version of ...
1983 Nintendo PlayChoice-10: Tennis
1983 Atari Pole Position II
1983 Omori Popper
1983 Data East Pro Bowling
1983 Data East Pro Soccer
1983 Data East Pro Sports
1983 Data East Pro Tennis
1983 Midway Professor Pac-Man
1983 Mylstar Q*bert's Qubes Somewhat of an uncommon to rare arcade ga...
1983 Sega Razzmatazz
1983 Sega Regulus
1983 Konami Roc 'n Rope
1983 Rock-Ola Rocket Racer
1983 Williams Roller Aces
1983 Data East Rootin' Tootin'
1983 Nichibutsu Rug Rats
1983 Jaleco Saturn
1983 American Technos Scrambled Egg Use "Boss" to scramble all eggs on the sc...
1983 Tehkan Senjyo
1983 Sega Sindbad Mystery
1983 Nichibutsu Skelagon
1983 Orca Sky Lancer
1983 Tehkan Space Tank
1983 Century Electronics Space Warp
1983 Bally Midway Spy Hunter
1983 Sega Star Blazer
1983 Sega Star Jacker
1983 Sega Star Jaguar
1983 Williams Star Rider
1983 Atari Star Wars A very popular color X-Y game. A very pop...
1983 Seibu Denshi Stinger
1983 Data East Super Doubles Tennis
1983 Epos Super Glob
1983 Venture Line Super Rider
1983 Bally Midway Tapper The arcade version sports a real life "ta...
1983 Nintendo Tennis
1983 Taito Tin Star, The
1983 Sega Tip Top This is the same game as Sega's Congo Bon...
1983 Konami Track & Field A great game that was released with two c...
1983 Irem Traverse USA
1983 Irem Tropical Angel
1983 Sega Up 'n Down
1983 Entertainment Enterprises Vampire
1983 Karateco Van-Van Car
1983 Bally Midway Wacko
1983 Taito Water Ski
1983 Sega Yamato
1983 Irem Zippy Race
1983 Orca Zodiack

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