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Year Manuf. Name Description
1982 Sega 005 Another in the line of Sega's RasterScan ...
1982 Sega Ali Baba And 40 Thieves
1982 Stern Amidar
1982 Unknown Amigo This is a clone of Amidar.
1982 Data East Angler Dangler Addictive verticle scrolling fishing game...
1982 Tago Electronics Anteater In this game you control the tongue of an...
1982 Bally Midway Baby Pac-Man This game has a 13" monitor oriented vert...
1982 Stern Bagman Another sophisticated and rather difficu...
1982 Tong Beezer Galaxian/Pac-Man conversion kit.
1982 Taito Birdie King Trackball based golf game that was played...
1982 Atari Black Widow Extremely fast-paced vector screen game w...
1982 Bally Midway Blue Print
1982 Orca Bounty, The
1982 Williams Bubbles
1982 Sega Buck Rogers Planet Of Zoom
1982 Bally Midway Bump 'n' Jump One of Bally Midway’s lower production-ru...
1982 Data East Bump 'n' Jump Data East was able to license the game an...
1982 Bally Midway BurgerTime The upright version of the game features ...
1982 Data East BurgerTime In BurgerTime, you play Peter Pepper, a c...
1982 Data East Burnin' Rubber This is the same Data East game as Bump'n...
1982 Tago Electronics Calipso
1982 Orca Changes
1982 Nichibutsu Constella
1982 Falcon Crazy Kong Jr.
1982 Stern Dark Planet
1982 Century Electronics Dazzler
1982 Rock-Ola Demon
1982 Moppet Video Desert Race
1982 Artic Devil Fish
1982 Atari Dig Dug You play the hero, digging through the sc...
1982 Data East Disco No. 1
1982 Nintendo Donkey Kong Junior Donkey Kong Jr. featured a cabinet simila...
1982 Taito Electric Yo-Yo, The
1982 Data East Explorer
1982 Rock-Ola Eyes Eyes is a game almost like pac-man. in ey...
1982 Atari Fast Freddie
1982 Data East Fishing
1982 Kaneko Fly-Boy
1982 Cinematronics Freeze
1982 Stern Frenzy Stern's more elaborate sequel to it's ear...
1982 Taito Front Line
1982 Orca Funky Bee
1982 Unknown Gallag
1982 Century Electronics Gold Bug
1982 Atari Gravitar
1982 Exidy Hard Hat
1982 Cinematronics Jack The Giantkiller
1982 Williams Joust The game’s cabinet is of Williams’ fine...
1982 Namco Jr. Puck Man
1982 Taito Jungle Hunt This is the same game as "Jungle King" on...
1982 Taito Jungle King In this game one controls a Tarzan like c...
1982 Atari Kangaroo
1982 Bally Midway Kozmik Krooz'r
1982 Taito Kram
1982 SNK Lasso You control a cowboy trying to lasso ramp...
1982 Moppet Video Leprechaun Like "Tugboat" this game was designed to ...
1982 Atari Liberator
1982 Century Electronics Logger
1982 Orca Looper
1982 Orca Marine Boy
1982 Rock-Ola Mermaid
1982 Atari Millipede Millipede is a sequel to Atari's smash hi...
1982 American Technos Minky Monkey
1982 Data East Mission X
1982 Orca Moguchan
1982 Sega Monster Bash
1982 Williams Moon Patrol
1982 Unknown Moon Ranger
1982 Universal Mr. Do! Probably Universal's most successful game...
1982 Universal Mr. Do! (Yankee DO!)
1982 Unknown Mr. Du!
1982 Unknown Mr. Lo!
1982 Universal Mrs. Dynamite
1982 Pacific Novelty NATO Defense
1982 Cinematronics Naughty Boy
1982 Century Electronics Out Line
1982 Namco Pac-Man Plus You can usually identify a Pac-Man Plus g...
1982 Sega Pengo
1982 Unknown Penta Pengo clone.
1982 Exidy Pepper II
1982 Rock-Ola Pioneer Balloon
1982 Taito Pirate Pete
1982 Moppet Video Pirate Treasure Like "Tugboat" and "Leprechaun", this gam...
1982 Unknown Pisces
1982 Atari Pole Position
1982 Venture Line Ponpoko
1982 Unknown Pootan
1982 Stern Pooyan
1982 Jaleco Pop Flamer Humorous game where you control a mouse w...
1982 Nintendo Popeye The game is platform-type game with three...
1982 Game Plan Pot Of Gold Clone of Leprechaun.
1982 Gottlieb Q*bert The game features a “knocker” which knock...
1982 Rock-Ola QB-3
1982 Atari Quantum Produced in VERY limited numbers, Quantum...
1982 Atari Qwak .
1982 Nichibutsu Radical Radial
1982 Gottlieb Reactor
1982 Kaneko Red Clash Fast-moving vertical shooter. Your ship ...
1982 Stern Rescue
1982 Bally Midway Robby Roto
1982 Williams Robotron: 2084 The game features two 8-way joysticks: on...
1982 Bally Midway Satan's Hollow Satan's Hollow was only released as an ar...
1982 Zaccaria Scorpion Great game, looks much like earlier versi...
1982 Williams Sinistar As with most of Williams other early rele...
1982 Venture Line Sky Bumper .
1982 Nintendo Sky Skipper
1982 Orca Slalom
1982 GDI Slither Century II's more elaborate, but none the...
1982 Atari Space Duel
1982 Nichibutsu Space Fighter X
1982 Unknown Space Pilot This is a bootleg of Konami and Centuri's...
1982 Williams Splat!
1982 Orca Springer
1982 Nichibutsu Star Attack
1982 Sega Star Trek Released as a dedicated Sega "Convert-a-c...
1982 Shoei Streaking
1982 Taito Strike Bowling
1982 Sega SubRoc-3D
1982 Data East Super Astro Fighter
1982 Alpha Super Bond
1982 Sega Super Locomotive
1982 Taito Super Mouse
1982 Bally Midway Super Pac-Man The dedicated cabinet has a wedge-like sh...
1982 Sega Super Zaxxon
1982 Rock-Ola Survival
1982 Tehkan Swimmer A game with a rather unique premise, in i...
1982 Sega Tac/Scan
1982 Stern Tazz Mania
1982 Centuri Time Pilot Time Pilot, released by Centuri in 1982 i...
1982 Taito Time Tunnel
1982 Data East Tournament Pro Golf
1982 KKI Triple Punch
1982 Status Triv-Quiz
1982 Bally Midway Tron Complete four mini games to progress to t...
1982 Moppet Video Tugboat One of the series of Moppet Video games t...
1982 Centuri Tunnel Hunt
1982 Stern/Konami Tutankham This game, similar to Robotron, uses two ...
1982 Exidy Victory
1982 Century Electronics Video 8 Ball
1982 Cinematronics War Of The Worlds
1982 Taito Wild Western
1982 Nichibutsu Wiping
1982 Unknown Word Zapper
1982 Atari Xevious
1982 Sega Zaxxon The game was one of Sega's more successfu...
1982 Sega Zektor Zektor, even in its heyday, was extremely...
1982 Unknown Zig Zag
1982 Data East Zoar
1982 Taito Zoo Keeper Unlike most of Taito’s earlier games, Z...
1982 Cinematronics Zzyzzyxx

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