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Year Manuf. Name Description
1978 Meadows Games 3-D Bowling
1978 Midway 4-Player Bowling Alley
1978 Taito Acrobat
1978 Unknown Alien Invasion Part II
1978 Atari Avalanche
1978 Vectorbeam Barrier A game that bears a remarkable resemblanc...
1978 Gremlin Blasto Simple but fun game where the player cont...
1978 Nintendo Block Fiber
1978 Konami Block Game
1978 Bally Midway Blue Shark
1978 Bally Midway Clowns
1978 Ramtek Dark Invader Description from Bill Heine, the designer...
1978 Meadows Games Dead Eye
1978 Bally Midway Dog Patch
1978 Midway Extra Innings
1978 Atari Fire Truck This game is Atari's follow up to late 70...
1978 Gremlin Frogs
1978 Sega/Gremlin Gee Bee
1978 Meadows Games Gypsy Juggler
1978 Zaccaria Invaders, The
1978 Atari Orbit
1978 Taito Road Champion
1978 Midway Sea Wolf Sea Wolf has a realistic metal periscope ...
1978 Midway Sea Wolf II
1978 Sega Secret Base
1978 Midway Shuffleboard
1978 Atari Sky Raider
1978 Atari Skydiver
1978 Atari Smokey Joe
1978 Taito Space Invaders Some estimates are that 300,000 Space Inv...
1978 Midway Space Invaders Galactica
1978 Konami Space King
1978 Bally Midway Space Walk
1978 Unknown Space War Part Three
1978 Vectorbeam Speed Freak
1978 Kee Games Sprint 1
1978 Taito Super Block
1978 Data East Super Break
1978 Data East Super Break 2
1978 Atari Super Breakout Super Breakout features three new "breako...
1978 Unknown Super Invaders
1978 Taito Super Speed Race V
1978 Taito Top Bowler
1978 Taito Trampoline
1978 Kee Games Ultra Tank
1978 Atari Video Pinball
1978 Taito Wall Block

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