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Year Manuf. Name Description
1982 Stern Amidar
1981 Stern Armored Car
1980 Stern Astro Invader
1982 Stern Bagman Another sophisticated and rather difficu...
1980 Stern Berzerk The arcade version of Berzerk features a ...
1983 Stern Cliff Hanger Extremely hard to find today, Cliff Hange...
1982 Stern Dark Planet
1980 Stern End, The
???? Stern Fast Draw
1982 Stern Frenzy Stern's more elaborate sequel to it's ear...
1983 Stern Goal To Go
1983 Stern Great Guns
1983 Stern Lost Tomb
1983 Stern Mazer Blazer
1983 Stern Minefield
1981 Stern Moon War
1982 Stern Pooyan
1982 Stern Rescue
1981 Stern Scramble This is a side-scrolling space shooter. ...
???? Stern Stern Pinball
1981 Stern Strategy X
1984 Stern Super Bagman
1981 Stern Super Cobra
1990 Stern Super Strike
1982 Stern Tazz Mania
1981 Stern Turtles

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