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Year Manuf. Name Description
1985 Nintendo Arm Wrestling
1984 Nintendo Balloon Fight Nintendo took the basic premise of Joust,...
1984 Nintendo Baseball Games based on the popular sport of Baseball.
1989 Nintendo Baseball Stars
1978 Nintendo Block Fiber
1981 Nintendo Donkey Kong In the game, your player plays as "Jump ...
1983 Nintendo Donkey Kong 3 Third in the Donkey Kong series, this tim...
1982 Nintendo Donkey Kong Junior Donkey Kong Jr. featured a cabinet simila...
1988 Nintendo Double Dragon Plachoice version of the game.
1990 Nintendo Dr. Mario
1984 Nintendo Duck Hunt Excellent arcade classic. Shoot through a...
1990 Nintendo F-Zero
1984 Nintendo Golf
1980 Nintendo Heli Fire
1984 Nintendo Hogan's Alley Classic lightgun based game where you sho...
1984 Nintendo Ice Climber Climb the Mountain by jumping and using y...
1983 Nintendo Mario Bros. Game play is straightforward: defeat all ...
1991 Nintendo Mario's Open Golf
1987 Nintendo Metroid  
1987 Nintendo Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!
1991 Nintendo Nintendo Super System Nintendo made this Arcade system for you ...
1985 Nintendo Nintendo Vs. System This is a system, not a game.
1986 Nintendo PlayChoice-10 Nintendo had several titles re-released i...
1985 Nintendo PlayChoice-10: 1942 The Nintendo PlayChoice version of the ar...
1984 Nintendo PlayChoice-10: Balloon Fight
1984 Nintendo PlayChoice-10: Baseball
1988 Nintendo PlayChoice-10: Contra Nintedo PlayChoice release of Contra.
1990 Nintendo PlayChoice-10: Dr. Mario
1984 Nintendo PlayChoice-10: Duck Hunt
1984 Nintendo PlayChoice-10: Excite Bike
1985 Nintendo PlayChoice-10: Gauntlet Nintendo PlayChoice cartridge.
1984 Nintendo PlayChoice-10: Golf
1984 Nintendo PlayChoice-10: Hogan's Alley
1984 Nintendo PlayChoice-10: Kung Fu The Nintendo PlayChoice version of the ar...
1983 Nintendo PlayChoice-10: Mario Bros. Nintendo PlayChoice Cartridge version of ...
1991 Nintendo PlayChoice-10: Mario Open Golf
1990 Nintendo PlayChoice-10: Mega Man 3
1986 Nintendo PlayChoice-10: Metroid
1987 Nintendo PlayChoice-10: Mike Tyson's Punchout
1989 Nintendo PlayChoice-10: Ninja Gaiden Nintendo PlayChoice arcade version of the...
1990 Nintendo PlayChoice-10: Ninja Gaiden 2 Nintendo PlayChoice arcade version of the...
1991 Nintendo PlayChoice-10: Ninja Gaiden 3
1990 Nintendo PlayChoice-10: Nintendo World Cup
1989 Nintendo PlayChoice-10: PinBot Based on the populate Pinball game.
1986 Nintendo PlayChoice-10: Pro Wrestling
1985 Nintendo PlayChoice-10: Super Mario Bros.
1988 Nintendo PlayChoice-10: Super Mario Bros. 2 The Nintendo Playchoice version of the game.
1988 Nintendo PlayChoice-10: Super Mario Bros. 3
1989 Nintendo PlayChoice-10: Tecmo Bowl Nintendo PlayChoice arcade version of the...
1989 Nintendo PlayChoice-10: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
1983 Nintendo PlayChoice-10: Tennis
1987 Nintendo PlayChoice-10: Track & Field Nintendo PlayChoice arcade version of the...
1986 Nintendo PlayChoice-10: Volley ball
1984 Nintendo PlayChoice-10: Wild Gunman
1982 Nintendo Popeye The game is platform-type game with three...
1986 Nintendo Pro Wrestling
1984 Nintendo Punch-Out!!
1987 Nintendo R-Type Horizontal scrolling shooter game with va...
1980 Nintendo Radar Scope
1980 Nintendo Sheriff
1982 Nintendo Sky Skipper
1980 Nintendo Space Fever
1986 Nintendo Super Mario Bros. The Mushroom Kingdom was a peaceful place...
1988 Nintendo Super Mario Bros. 3
1991 Nintendo Super Mario World
1985 Nintendo Super Punch-Out!!
1983 Nintendo Tennis
???? Nintendo Track & Field (PlayChoice)
1986 Nintendo Volley Ball
1984 Nintendo Vs. Balloon Fight
1984 Nintendo Vs. Baseball
1987 Nintendo Vs. Castlevania
1985 Nintendo Vs. Clu Clu Land
1990 Nintendo Vs. Dr. Mario
1984 Nintendo Vs. Duck Hunt
1987 Nintendo Vs. Excitebike
1988 Nintendo Vs. Freedom Force
1984 Nintendo Vs. Golf
1986 Nintendo Vs. Gradius
1987 Nintendo Vs. Gumshoe
1984 Nintendo Vs. Hogan's Alley
1984 Nintendo Vs. Ice Climber
1985 Nintendo Vs. Ladies Golf
1985 Nintendo Vs. Mach Rider
1984 Nintendo Vs. Pinball
1988 Nintendo Vs. Platoon
1986 Nintendo Vs. Slalom
1986 Nintendo Vs. Soccer
1984 Nintendo Vs. Stroke & Match Golf (Men)
1986 Nintendo Vs. Super Mario Bros.
1984 Nintendo Vs. Tennis
1985 Nintendo Vs. The Goonies
1987 Nintendo Vs. Trojan
???? Nintendo Vs. UniSystem
1985 Nintendo Vs. Urban Champion
1986 Nintendo Vs. Volleyball
1984 Nintendo Vs. Wild Gunman
1985 Nintendo Vs. Wrecking Crew
1984 Nintendo Wild Gunman (PlayChoice)

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