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Year Manuf. Name Description
1990 Capcom 1941: Counter Attack Fighters could be destroyed with a single...
1984 Capcom 1942 The full size upright of the arcade game.
1987 Capcom 1943 The Battle Of Midway This game uses a joystick and two buttons...
1995 Capcom 19XX: The War Against Destiny
1994 Capcom Alien Vs. Predator In the distant future on a faraway planet...
1994 Capcom Armored Warriors
1987 Capcom Avengers
1995 Capcom Battle Arena Toshinden 2
1987 Capcom Bionic Commando An unusual platform game, because the mai...
1987 Capcom Black Tiger This is a one player fantasy game and is ...
1991 Capcom Block Block
1979 Capcom Bowling Alley
1989 Capcom Buster Bros.
1995 Capcom Buster Buddies
1992 Capcom Cadillacs And Dinosaurs
1989 Capcom Capcom Baseball
1988 Capcom Capcom Bowling
1991 Capcom Capcom Golf
2000 Capcom Capcom Vs SNK: Millennium Fight 2000
1991 Capcom Captain Commando
1990 Capcom Carrier Air Wing
1989 Capcom Code Name: Viper
1994 Capcom Cyberbots: Fullmetal Madness
1994 Capcom Dark Stalkers: The Night Warriors
1996 Capcom Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow Over Mystara
1993 Capcom Dungeons & Dragons: Tower Of Doom
1989 Capcom Dynasty Wars
1994 Capcom Eco Fighters
1985 Capcom Exed Exes
1988 Capcom F-1 Dream
1989 Capcom Final Fight Scrolling fighting game from Capcom.
1988 Capcom Forgotten Worlds Differences include: Animated shopkeeper;...
1985 Capcom Ghosts 'n Goblins In this side scrolling adventure game by ...
1988 Capcom Ghouls 'n Ghosts
1985 Capcom Gun Smoke
1987 Capcom Hissatsu Buraiken
1991 Capcom King Of Dragons, The
1992 Capcom Knights Of The Round
1988 Capcom Last Duel
1988 Capcom LED Storm Racing/shooting game on the lines of an u...
1986 Capcom Legendary Wings
1988 Capcom Lost Worlds
1989 Capcom Mad Gear
1990 Capcom Magic Sword
1998 Capcom Magical Tetris Challenge Featuring Mickey
1995 Capcom Marvel Super Heroes
1997 Capcom Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter
1998 Capcom Marvel Vs. Capcom
2000 Capcom Marvel Vs. Capcom 2: New Age Of Heroes
1990 Capcom Mega Man 3
1995 Capcom Mega Man: The Power Battle
1990 Capcom Mega Twins
1990 Capcom Mercs
1993 Capcom Muscle Bomber - The Body Explosion
1993 Capcom Muscle Bomber Duo - Heat Up Warriors
1993 Capcom Muscle Bomber Duo - Ultimate Team Battle
1990 Capcom Nemo
1995 Capcom Night Warriors: Dark Stalkers' Revenge
1987 Capcom PlayChoice-10: Chip'n Dale - Rescue Rangers
1986 Capcom PlayChoice-10: Trojan The Nintendo PlayChoice version of the ar...
1990 Capcom PlayChoice-10: Yo! Noid
1994 Capcom Pnickies
1994 Capcom Powered Gear: Strategic Variant Armor Equipment
1993 Capcom Punisher, The
1992 Capcom Quiz & Dragons
1987 Capcom Rescue Rangers - Disney's Chip 'n Dale
1994 Capcom Ring Of Destruction: Slam Masters II
1995 Capcom Rockman: The Power Battle
1986 Capcom Rush & Crash
1989 Capcom Sangokushi
1992 Capcom Sangokushi II
1993 Capcom Saturday Night Slam Masters
1985 Capcom Section Z
1986 Capcom Side Arms - Hyper Dyne
1984 Capcom Son Son
1985 Capcom Space Invasion
2000 Capcom Spawn
1986 Capcom Speed Rumbler, The
1987 Capcom Street Fighter
1996 Capcom Street Fighter Alpha 2
1998 Capcom Street Fighter Alpha 3
1995 Capcom Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dreams
1990 Capcom Street Fighter II
1991 Capcom Street Fighter II - Champion Edition
1992 Capcom Street Fighter II - Hyper Fighting
1991 Capcom Street Fighter II - The World Warrior
1998 Capcom Street Fighter III 2nd Impact - Giant Attack
1999 Capcom Street Fighter III 3rd Strike - Fight For The Futu
1997 Capcom Street Fighter III: New Generation
1995 Capcom Street Fighter Zero
1998 Capcom Street Fighter Zero 3
1989 Capcom Strider Capcom's best achievement in platform gam...
1990 Capcom Super Buster Bros.
1994 Capcom Super Muscle Bomber: The International Blowout
1996 Capcom Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo
1996 Capcom Super Puzzle Fighter II X
1993 Capcom Super Street Fighter - Tournament Edition
1993 Capcom Super Street Fighter II - The New Challengers
1993 Capcom Super Street Fighter II - The New Challengers: Tou
1994 Capcom Super Street Fighter II Turbo
1994 Capcom Super Street Fighter II X: Grand Master Challenge
1991 Capcom Three Wonders
1987 Capcom Tiger Road
1986 Capcom Trojan
1989 Capcom U.N. Squadron
1989 Capcom U.S. Navy
1995 Capcom Vampire Hunter
1997 Capcom Vampire Savior: The Lord Of Vampire
1994 Capcom Vampire: The Night Warriors
1992 Capcom Varth: Operation Thunderstorm
1984 Capcom Vulgus
1992 Capcom Warriors Of Fate
1989 Capcom Willow This is a game that is based on the the m...
1991 Capcom Wonder 3
1996 Capcom X-Men Vs. Street Fighter
1994 Capcom X-Men: Children Of The Atom

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