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Year Manuf. Name Description
1987 Atari A.P.B. APB is a police driving game. The object ...
1983 Atari Alpha 1
1975 Atari Anti-Aircraft II
1983 Atari Arabian
1988 Atari Assault The PCB is housed inside of a wire mesh c...
1979 Atari Asteroids Easily one of the top five most successfu...
1980 Atari Asteroids Deluxe This full size upright game has a very in...
1979 Atari Atari Baseball
1979 Atari Atari Basketball
1979 Atari Atari Football The game is known to build up a sweat on ...
1979 Atari Atari Soccer
1978 Atari Avalanche
1989 Atari Badlands 1989 release, not to be confused with Kon...
1980 Atari Battlezone At the time of the release, Atari was ask...
1982 Atari Black Widow Extremely fast-paced vector screen game w...
1976 Atari Breakout Breakout was a huge success in the late 7...
1998 Atari California Speed
1977 Atari Canyon Bomber
1980 Atari Centipede The game’s cabinet is characterized by co...
1983 Atari Cloak & Dagger Offered as a conversion kit for "Defender...
1976 Atari Cops 'N Robbers
1975 Atari Crash 'N Score
1983 Atari Crystal Castles One of the really cool things about this ...
1977 Atari Destroyer
1982 Atari Dig Dug You play the hero, digging through the sc...
1977 Atari Dominos
1989 Atari Escape From The Planet Of The Robot Monsters This is basically a shooter game. You run...
1982 Atari Fast Freddie
1978 Atari Fire Truck This game is Atari's follow up to late 70...
1984 Atari Firefox
1976 Atari Flyball
1983 Atari Food Fight The arcade version sports classic Atari a...
1987 Atari Galaga '88 An updated version of the classic space s...
1985 Atari Gauntlet Gauntlet established itself as a phenomen...
1986 Atari Gauntlet II
1975 Atari Goal IV
1973 Atari Gotcha Gotcha is a maze style game with two play...
1974 Atari Gran Trak 10
1974 Atari Gran Trak 20
1982 Atari Gravitar
1975 Atari Hi-Way
1983 Atari I, Robot
1985 Atari Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom
1976 Atari Indy 4
1975 Atari Jaws
1975 Atari Jet Fighter
1982 Atari Kangaroo
1989 Atari KLAX
1976 Atari LeMans
1982 Atari Liberator
1979 Atari Lunar Lander Lunar Lander featured a unique control pa...
1983 Atari Major Havoc Released as both a conversion kit for agi...
1982 Atari Millipede Millipede is a sequel to Atari's smash hi...
1980 Atari Missile Command Missile Command has two boards: the main ...
1980 Atari Monte Carlo
1986 Atari Necromancer
1976 Atari Night Driver
1978 Atari Orbit
1976 Atari Outlaw
1985 Atari Peter Packrat
1974 Atari Pin-Pong
1990 Atari Pit-Fighter
1982 Atari Pole Position
1983 Atari Pole Position II
1972 Atari Pong While Computer Space was the first video ...
1972 Atari Pong Doubles
1977 Atari Pool Shark
1974 Atari Pursuit
1974 Atari Quadrapong
1982 Atari Quantum Produced in VERY limited numbers, Quantum...
1982 Atari Qwak .
1974 Atari Qwak!
1990 Atari Rampart
1974 Atari Rebound
1980 Atari Red Baron Red Baron was put into play the same year...
1992 Atari Relief Pitcher
1984 Atari Return Of The Jedi The third Atari game released based on th...
1987 Atari Road Blasters One of Atari's "System One" games in whic...
1986 Atari Rolling Thunder
1978 Atari Sky Raider
1978 Atari Skydiver
1978 Atari Smokey Joe
1982 Atari Space Duel
1973 Atari Space Race
1977 Atari Sprint 4
1977 Atari Sprint 8
1983 Atari Star Wars A very popular color X-Y game. A very pop...
1976 Atari Starship I
1991 Atari Steel Talons
1975 Atari Steeplechase
1976 Atari Stunt Cycle
1977 Atari Subs
1978 Atari Super Breakout Super Breakout features three new "breako...
1980 Atari Tempest Tempest is one of the most collectible ga...
1980 Atari Tempest (Tubes) This was never a game, just a ROM swap.
1977 Atari Triple Hunt
1984 Atari TX-1
1978 Atari Video Pinball
1988 Atari Vindicators
1988 Atari Vindicators Part II
1987 Atari Vs. R.B.I. Baseball
1980 Atari Warlords
1982 Atari Xevious

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