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Coin-Op : Arcade : Operation Thunderbolt : "othundu" Virtual Machine


ROM Set/Virtual Machine: othundu
Long Name: Operation Thunderbolt (US)
Manufacturer: Taito America Corporation
Year: 1988
Clone?: Yes, of othunder
Implemented In: othunder.c
Monitor Type: raster
Orientation: horizontal
Resolution: 320 x 240 (w x h)
Colors: 4096

NOTE: These are MAME "Virtual Machines." These virtual machines are ROM-specific but contain address space information (memory maps) that may be useful when debugging hardware. There may be descrencies between MAME's definition of the hardware, and actual hardware. Information is provided for reference only. THERE ARE NO ROMS ANYWHERE ON THIS WEB SITE.

Driver Details

ROM Regions:

Region ROM File Start - End CRC 9010A SHA1
CPU1 b67-20-1.63 0 - 1FFFF 851A453B 415E 48b8c379e78cd79463f1e24dc23816a97cf819b8
CPU1 b67-22-1.64 1 - 20000 19480DC0 E1B2 8bbc982c89f0878e7639330970df5aa93ecbb083
CPU1 b67-14.61 40000 - 5FFFF 7F3DD724 43F5 2f2eeae0ee31e20082237b9a947c6848771eb73c
CPU1 b67-15.62 40001 - 60000 E84F62D0 571A 3b4a55a14dee7d592467fde9a75bde64deabd27d
CPU2 b67-13.40 0 - 3FFF 2936B4B1 9DC5 39b41643464dd89e456ab6eb15a0ff0aef30afde
GFX1 b67-06 0 - 7FFFF B9A38D64 D032 7ae8165b444d9da6ccdbc4a769535bcbb6738aaa
GFX2 b67-01 0 - 7FFFF 81AD9ACB 74BC d9ad3f6332c6ca6b9872da57526a8158a3cf5b2f
GFX2 b67-02 1 - 80000 C20CD2FB 39E7 b015e1fe167e19826aa451b45cd143d66a6db83c
GFX2 b67-03 2 - 80001 BC9019ED 5639 7eddc83d71be97ce6637e6b35c226d58e6c39c3f
GFX2 b67-04 3 - 80002 2AF4C8AF A265 b2ae7aad0c59ffc368811f4bd5546dbb6860f9a9
SOUND1 b67-08 0 - 7FFFF 458F41FB B307 acca7c95acd1ae7a1cc51fb7fe644ad6d00ff5ac
SOUND2 b67-07 0 - 7FFFF 4F834357 9D86 f34705ce64870a8b24ec2639505079cc031fb719
USER1 b67-05 0 - 7FFFF 9593E42B D513 54b5538c302a1734ff4b752ab87a8c45d5c6b23d

NOTE: These are the "ROM Regions" defined in the MAME "Virtual Machine." Usually these correspond to actual CPUs or Sound CPUs. Occasionally they will not. Occasionally they will be wrong, or they will not be mappable locations. Paging is usually handled through a software "hack" and not represented in this map.
9010A: Refers to the Fluke 9010A Signature Analysis algorithm. You should independently confirm these signature numbers before using. Different ROM versions will have different signatures.

Emulated CPUs:

CPU: 68000
CPU#: 1
Sound?: No
Fluke 9010A Script
Start - End   R   W 
0 - 7FFFF r w
80000 - 8FFFF r w
90000 - 9000F r w
100000 - 100007 r w
200000 - 20FFFF r w
220000 - 22000F r w
300000 - 300003 r w
400000 - 4005FF r w
500000 - 500007 r w
600000 - 600003 w
CPU: Z80
CPU#: 2
Sound?: No
Fluke 9010A Script
Start - End   R   W 
0 - 7FFF w
0 - 3FFF r
4000 - 7FFF r
C000 - DFFF r w
E000 - E000 r w
E001 - E001 r w
E002 - E002 r w
E003 - E003 w
E200 - E200 r w
E201 - E201 r w
E400 - E403 w
EA00 - EA00 r
EE00 - EE00 w
F000 - F000 w
F200 - F200 w

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