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"tetrisa" Virtual Machine


ROM Set/Virtual Machine: tetrisa
Long Name: Tetris (Sega Set 2)
Manufacturer: Sega
Year: 1988
Clone?: Yes, of tetris
Implemented In: system16.c
Monitor Type: raster
Orientation: horizontal
Resolution: 320 x 224 (w x h)
Colors: 4096

NOTE: These are MAME "Virtual Machines." These virtual machines are ROM-specific but contain address space information (memory maps) that may be useful when debugging hardware. There may be descrencies between MAME's definition of the hardware, and actual hardware. Information is provided for reference only. THERE ARE NO ROMS ANYWHERE ON THIS WEB SITE.

Driver Details

ROM Regions:

Region ROM File Start - End CRC 9010A SHA1
CPU1 tetris.a7 0 - FFFF 9CE15AC9 0fdbd3ca37e4c0efa7c66415714bfc10637ced6c
CPU1 tetris.a5 1 - 10000 98D590CA 4d18409c0b5734d0adcea5646d13f65b687dd05d
CPU2 s-prog.rom 0 - 7FFF BD9BA01B fafa7dc36cc057a50ae4cdf7a35f3594292336f4
GFX1 scr01.rom 0 - FFFF 62640221 c311d3847a981d0e1609f9b3d80481565d32d78c
GFX1 scr02.rom 10000 - 1FFFF 9ABD183B 621b017cb34973f9227be383e26b5cd41aea9422
GFX1 scr03.rom 20000 - 2FFFF 2495FD4E 2db94ead9223a67238a97e724668076fc43e5534
GFX2 obj0-e.rom 0 - FFFF D6A02CBA d80000f92e754e89c6ca7b7273feab448fc9a061
GFX2 obj0-o.rom 1 - 10000 2FB38880 0e1b601bbda78d1887951c1f7e752531c281bc83

NOTE: These are the "ROM Regions" defined in the MAME "Virtual Machine." Usually these correspond to actual CPUs or Sound CPUs. Occasionally they will not. Occasionally they will be wrong, or they will not be mappable locations. Paging is usually handled through a software "hack" and not represented in this map.
9010A: Refers to the Fluke 9010A Signature Analysis algorithm. You should independently confirm these signature numbers before using. Different ROM versions will have different signatures.

Emulated CPUs:

CPU: 68000
CPU#: 1
Sound?: No
Fluke 9010A Script
Start - End   R   W 
0 - 1FFFF r w
400000 - 40FFFF r w
410000 - 410FFF r w
418000 - 41803F r w
440000 - 440FFF r w
840000 - 840FFF r w
C40000 - C40001 w
C41000 - C41001 r
C41002 - C41003 r
C41006 - C41007 r
C42000 - C42001 r
C42002 - C42003 r
C42006 - C42007 w
C43034 - C43035 w
C80000 - C80001 r w
FFC000 - FFFFFF r w
CPU: Z80
CPU#: 2
Sound?: No
Fluke 9010A Script
Start - End   R   W 
0 - 7FFF r w
E800 - E800 r
F800 - FFFF r w

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