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Games starting with 'R'

Year Manuf. Name Description
1991 Sega R-360
1994 Dooyong R-Shark
1987 Nintendo R-Type Horizontal scrolling shooter game with va...
1989 Irem R-Type II Sequel to R-Type.
1992 Irem R-Type Leo Presumably, the designers were aiming at ...
1987 Rare R.C. Pro-Am
1976 Fun Games Inc. Race
1990 Atari Games Race Drivin'
1975 Bally Midway Racer
1994 Konami Racin' Force
1991 Taito Racing Beat
1989 Sega Racing Hero
1987 Konami Rack 'Em Up
1987 UPL Rad Action
1991 Sega Rad Mobile Basicly the goal of the game is to make i...
1987 Square Rad Racer
1991 Sega Rad Rally
1980 Nintendo Radar Scope
1982 Nichibutsu Radical Radial
1998 Atari Games Radikal Bikers
2002 Evoga Entertainment Rage of the Dragons
1990 Seibu Kaihatsu Raiden
1994 Seibu Kaihatsu Raiden DX
1997 Seibu Kaihatsu Raiden Fighters 2: Operation Hell Dive
1998 Seibu Kaihatsu Raiden Fighters Jet
1993 Seibu Kaihatsu Raiden II
1985 UPL Raiders 5
1991 Sega Rail Chase As 2 Archeologistsin a jungle country, yo...
1988 Taito Raimais
1987 Taito Rainbow Islands - The Story Of Bubble Bobble 2
1988 Taito Rainbow Islands Extra Version
1988 Toaplan Rally Bike
1980 Midway Rally-X
1989 Taito Rambo III
1986 Bally Midway Rampage A classic three-player game where you mus...
1997 Midway Rampage World Tour
1990 Atari Rampart
1987 Taito Rastan
1987 Taito Rastan Saga
1989 Taito Rastan Saga II
1995 Namco Rave Racer
1996 Taito Ray Storm
1993 Taito Rayforce
1983 Sega Razzmatazz
1982 Gottlieb Reactor
1995 SNK Real Bout Fatal Fury
1996 SNK Real Bout Fatal Fury Special
1987 Data East Real Ghostbusters, The Based on the hit movie.
1994 Taito Real Puncher
1974 Atari Rebound
1988 Taito Record Breaker
1981 Irem Red Alert
1980 Atari Red Baron Red Baron was put into play the same year...
1982 Kaneko Red Clash Fast-moving vertical shooter. Your ship ...
1986 Cinematronics Redline Racer
1983 Sega Regulus
1992 Atari Relief Pitcher
1986 Taito Renegade
1985 Sega Repulse
1982 Stern Rescue
1987 Bally Sente Rescue Raider
1987 Capcom Rescue Rangers - Disney's Chip 'n Dale
1986 Namco Return Of Ishtar, The
1985 Taito Return Of The Invaders
1984 Atari Return Of The Jedi The third Atari game released based on th...
1999 Williams Revenge From Mars
1994 Midway Revolution X
1991 Sega Ribbit
1987 Sega Riddle Of Pythagoras
1993 Namco Ridge Racer
1994 Namco Ridge Racer 2
1992 Taito Riding Fight
1990 SNK Riding Hero
1991 Strata Rim Rockin' Basketball
1984 Taito Ring Fighter
1985 Data East Ring King
1986 Data East Ring King II
1988 Konami Ring No Ouja
1994 Capcom Ring Of Destruction: Slam Masters II
1992 Taito Ring Rage
1991 Sega Riot City
1979 Exidy Rip Cord Extremely rare, black & white monitored g...
1980 Cinematronics Rip Off A tough two player or single game that is...
1986 Merit Riviera
1985 Data East Road Blaster Seek out a gang of bikers who killed your...
1987 Atari Road Blasters One of Atari's "System One" games in whic...
1999 Atari Games Road Burners
1978 Taito Road Champion
1984 Konami Road Fighter
1991 Atari Games Road Riot 4WD
1985 Atari Games Road Runner
1977 Bally Midway Road Runner ('77)
1982 Bally Midway Robby Roto
1991 SNK Robo Army
1986 Sega Robo Wrestle 2001
1988 Data East RoboCop
1991 Data East RoboCop 2
1975 Allied Leisure Robot
1977 Exidy Robot Bowl
1982 Williams Robotron: 2084 The game features two 8-way joysticks: on...
1983 Konami Roc 'n Rope
1986 Konami Rock 'n Rage
1981 Taito Rock Climber
1983 Rock-Ola Rocket Racer
1991 Atlus Rockin' Kats
1995 Capcom Rockman: The Power Battle
1990 Jaleco Rod-Land
1991 Data East Rohgah: Armor Force
1983 Williams Roller Aces
1991 Konami Rollergames
1979 Nichibutsu Rolling Crash
1986 Atari Rolling Thunder
1990 Namco Rolling Thunder 2
???? Nova Games Romar Trivia
1989 Namco Rompers
1984 Bally Midway Root Beer Tapper The arcade version sports a real life "ta...
1983 Data East Rootin' Tootin'
1990 Sega Rough Racer
1988 Sharp Image Rough Ranger
1981 Amenip/Centuri Round-Up
1981 Centuri Route 16
1983 Nichibutsu Rug Rats
1984 Taito Rumba Lumber
1993 Konami Run & Gun
1996 Konami Run & Gun 2 Up to four players compete as a team, or ...
1986 Capcom Rush & Crash
1985 Konami Rush'n Attack This game is the United States release of...
1997 Konami Rushing Heroes
1986 Tecmo Rygar

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