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Games starting with 'P'

Year Manuf. Name Description
1995 Jaleco P-47 Aces
1988 Jaleco P-47: The Freedom Fighter
1988 Jaleco P-47: The Phantom Fighter
1988 SNK P.O.W. Prisoners Of War
1983 Namco Pac & Pal
1984 Bally Midway Pac-Land
1980 Midway Pac-Man It was only recently that someone was abl...
1983 Namco Pac-Man & Chomp Chomp
1982 Namco Pac-Man Plus You can usually identify a Pac-Man Plus g...
1987 Namco Pac-Mania
1975 Allied Leisure Pace Car Pro
1973 Allied Leisure Paddle Battle
1988 SNK Paddle Mania
1973 Williams Paddle-Ball
1981 Unknown Paint Roller
1994 Strata and Incredible Technologies Pairs
1990 Taito Palamedes
1984 Konami Pandora's Palace
1994 Eighting and Hudson Soft Panic Bomber - Bomberman
1984 Atari Games Paperboy
1984 Jaleco Parallel Turn
2000 Konami ParaParaParadise
1988 Sega Passing Shot
1982 Sega Pengo
1985 UPL Penguin-Kun Wars
1982 Unknown Penta Pengo clone.
1982 Exidy Pepper II
1981 Orca Percussor, The
1993 Irem Perfect Soldiers
1985 Atari Peter Packrat
1984 Data East Peter Pepper's Ice Cream Factory
1990 Jaleco Phantasm
1979 Bally Midway Phantom II
1988 Namco Phelios
1980 Centuri Phoenix Phoenix was one of Centuri’s more popular...
1983 Namco Phozon
1986 Merit Phraze Craze
1983 Sega Pig Newton
1990 Leland Pig Out Pigout is a platform game that has you an...
1990 Bally Midway Pigskin 621 A.D. This game is rugby in the middle ages. Th...
1974 Atari Pin-Pong
1984 Unknown Pinball & Golf
1985 Tehkan Pinball Action
1984 Jaleco Pinbo
1985 Taito Ping Pong King
1982 Rock-Ola Pioneer Balloon
1990 Video Systems Pipe Dream
1991 Toaplan Pipi & Bibi's
1981 GL Piranha
1982 Taito Pirate Pete
1995 Konami Pirate Ship
1982 Moppet Video Pirate Treasure Like "Tugboat" and "Leprechaun", this gam...
1982 Unknown Pisces
1984 Taito Pit & Run
1981 Centuri Pit, The Simple, but fun maze game where you contr...
1990 Atari Pit-Fighter
1985 Sega Pitfall II - The Lost Caverns
1986 Nintendo PlayChoice-10 Nintendo had several titles re-released i...
1985 Nintendo PlayChoice-10: 1942 The Nintendo PlayChoice version of the ar...
1984 Nintendo PlayChoice-10: Balloon Fight
1984 Nintendo PlayChoice-10: Baseball
1989 SNK PlayChoice-10: Baseball Stars
1989 Rare PlayChoice-10: Captain Sky Hawk
1987 Konami PlayChoice-10: Castlevania
1987 Capcom PlayChoice-10: Chip'n Dale - Rescue Rangers
1988 Nintendo PlayChoice-10: Contra Nintedo PlayChoice release of Contra.
1988 Technosoft PlayChoice-10: Double Dragon
1987 Konami PlayChoice-10: Double Dribble Nintendo PlayChoice cartridge version of ...
1990 Nintendo PlayChoice-10: Dr. Mario
1984 Nintendo PlayChoice-10: Duck Hunt
1984 Nintendo PlayChoice-10: Excite Bike
1985 Nintendo PlayChoice-10: Gauntlet Nintendo PlayChoice cartridge.
1984 Nintendo PlayChoice-10: Golf
1986 Konami PlayChoice-10: Gradius Nintendo PlayChoice cartridge.
1984 Nintendo PlayChoice-10: Hogan's Alley
1984 Nintendo PlayChoice-10: Kung Fu The Nintendo PlayChoice version of the ar...
1983 Nintendo PlayChoice-10: Mario Bros. Nintendo PlayChoice Cartridge version of ...
1991 Nintendo PlayChoice-10: Mario Open Golf
1990 Nintendo PlayChoice-10: Mega Man 3
1986 Nintendo PlayChoice-10: Metroid
1987 Nintendo PlayChoice-10: Mike Tyson's Punchout
1989 Nintendo PlayChoice-10: Ninja Gaiden Nintendo PlayChoice arcade version of the...
1990 Nintendo PlayChoice-10: Ninja Gaiden 2 Nintendo PlayChoice arcade version of the...
1991 Nintendo PlayChoice-10: Ninja Gaiden 3
1990 Nintendo PlayChoice-10: Nintendo World Cup
1989 Nintendo PlayChoice-10: PinBot Based on the populate Pinball game.
1991 Taito PlayChoice-10: Power Blade
1986 Nintendo PlayChoice-10: Pro Wrestling
1987 Square PlayChoice-10: Rad Racer
1990 Square PlayChoice-10: Rad Racer II
1987 Rare PlayChoice-10: RC Pro Am
1991 Atlus PlayChoice-10: Rockin' Kats
1987 Tecmo PlayChoice-10: Rygar Nintendo PlayChoice Cartridge version of ...
1990 Rare PlayChoice-10: Solar Jetman
1990 Konami PlayChoice-10: Super C
1985 Nintendo PlayChoice-10: Super Mario Bros.
1988 Nintendo PlayChoice-10: Super Mario Bros. 2 The Nintendo Playchoice version of the game.
1988 Nintendo PlayChoice-10: Super Mario Bros. 3
1989 Nintendo PlayChoice-10: Tecmo Bowl Nintendo PlayChoice arcade version of the...
1989 Nintendo PlayChoice-10: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
1990 Konami PlayChoice-10: Teenage mutant Ninja Turtles 2
1983 Nintendo PlayChoice-10: Tennis
1986 Konami PlayChoice-10: The Goonies
1987 Nintendo PlayChoice-10: Track & Field Nintendo PlayChoice arcade version of the...
1986 Capcom PlayChoice-10: Trojan The Nintendo PlayChoice version of the ar...
1989 Sunsoft PlayChoice-10: Uncle Fester's Quest - The Addams Family
1986 Nintendo PlayChoice-10: Volley ball
1984 Nintendo PlayChoice-10: Wild Gunman
1990 Capcom PlayChoice-10: Yo! Noid
1981 Centuri Pleiads
1989 Taito Plotting
1987 Taito Plump Pop
1989 Jaleco Plus Alpha
1994 Capcom Pnickies
1988 Data East Pocket Gal 2 U.S. version of Pocket Gal.
1992 Data East Pocket Gal Deluxe
1994 Namco Point Blank
1997 Namco Point Blank 2
1991 Status Poker Dice
1980 Taito Polaris
1982 Atari Pole Position
1983 Atari Pole Position II
1989 Williams Police Force
1997 P&P Marketing Police Trainer
1991 Dooyong Pollux
1985 VEB Polytechnik Poly Play
1993 Konami Polygonet Commanders
1972 Atari Pong While Computer Space was the first video ...
1972 Atari Pong Doubles
1973 Sega Pong Tron
1973 Sega Pong Tron II
1982 Venture Line Ponpoko
1985 Tehkan Pontoon
1977 Atari Pool Shark
1982 Unknown Pootan
1982 Stern Pooyan
1997 Video Systems Pop 'n Bounce
1998 Taito Pop 'n Pop
1982 Jaleco Pop Flamer Humorous game where you control a mouse w...
1982 Nintendo Popeye The game is platform-type game with three...
1983 Omori Popper
1992 Romstar Popshot!
1982 Game Plan Pot Of Gold Clone of Leprechaun.
1990 Irem Pound For Pound Boxing game.
1991 Taito Power Blade
1988 Sega Power Drift
1987 Bally Midway Power Drive
1990 Unknown Power House
1993 Atlus Power Instinct
1994 Atlus Power Instinct 2
1995 Atlus Power Instinct Legends
1990 Unknown Power Man
1985 Cinematronics Power Play
1994 Video Systems Power Spikes II
1988 Unknown Power Surge
1994 Capcom Powered Gear: Strategic Variant Armor Equipment
1989 SNK Prehistoric Isle In 1930
1993 Konami Premier Soccer
1995 Konami Premier Soccer '95
1994 Atari Games Primal Rage
1993 Taito Prime Time Fighter
1983 Data East Pro Bowling
1980 Sega Pro Monaco GP
1983 Data East Pro Soccer
1983 Data East Pro Sports
1983 Data East Pro Tennis
1986 Nintendo Pro Wrestling
1973 Williams Pro-Hockey The aim is to put the ball in the goal of...
1983 Midway Professor Pac-Man
1987 Jaleco Psychic 5
1995 Taito Psychic Force
1986 SNK Psycho Soldier
1991 Taito Pu-Li-Ru-La
1997 Taito Puchi Carat
1979 Namco Puck Man Early version of Pac-Man. The name was ch...
1980 Namco PuckMan Duplicate.
1981 Sega/Gremlin Pulsar
1984 Nintendo Punch-Out!!
1993 Capcom Punisher, The
1990 Konami Punk Shot
1974 Atari Pursuit
1995 Banpresto/Metro PuRuRun
1990 Comad PushMan
1992 Compile Puyo Puyo
1994 Sega Puyo Puyo 2 Tsuu Japanese.
1997 Sega Puzzle & Action: Treasure Hunt
1994 Taito Puzzle Bobble
1995 Taito Puzzle Bobble 2X
1996 Taito Puzzle Bobble 3
1998 Taito Puzzle Bobble 4
1993 SNK Puzzle De Pon!
1990 SNK Puzzled
1989 Taito Puzznic
1987 Toaplan Pyros

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