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Games starting with 'O'

Year Manuf. Name Description
1991 Atari Games Off The Wall
2000 Midway Offroad Thunder
1993 Atlus Oh My God! Japan only. Conversion kit.
1992 Seibu Kaihatsu Olympic Soccer '92
1989 UPL Omega Fighter
1989 UPL Omega Fighter Special
1981 Midway Omega Race Take control of your "Omegan Space Fighte...
1995 Midway Open Ice Challenge
1997 Konami Operation Thunder Hurricane
1988 Taito Operation Thunderbolt
1987 Taito Operation Wolf
1994 Taito Operation Wolf 3
1978 Atari Orbit
1988 Namco Ordyne
1988 Data East Oscar - Psycho-Nics
1989 Data East Out Fencer
1982 Century Electronics Out Line
1986 Sega Out Run Choose your music, choose your path, and ...
1993 Sega Out Runners
1990 Toaplan Out Zone
1994 Namco Outfoxies, The
1976 Atari Outlaw
1995 Data East Outlaws Of The Lost Dynasty
1990 Konami Over Drive A racing game from Konami.
1996 ADK Over Top
1979 SNK Ozma Wars

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