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Games starting with 'N'

Year Manuf. Name Description
1980 Sega N-Sub
1985 Taito N.Y. Captor
1990 SNK Nam-1975
1995 Namco Namco Classic Collection Volume 1 Not sure about this one. Additionally, th...
1996 Namco Namco Classic Collection Volume 2
1986 Bally Sente Name That Tune
1988 Williams NARC "No one had the guts...until now" As Max...
1988 Taito Nastar Warrior
1982 Pacific Novelty NATO Defense
1982 Cinematronics Naughty Boy
1980 Namco Navalone
1993 Midway NBA Jam
1993 Midway NBA Jam Tournament Edition
1996 Midway NBA Maximum Hangtime
1999 Midway NBA Showtime - NBA On NBC
1980 Data East Nebula
1994 Namco Nebulasray
1981 Unknown Nebulous Bee
1986 Atari Necromancer
1985 Konami Nemesis
1990 Capcom Nemo
1997 Hudson Soft Neo Bomber Man
1989 SNK Neo Geo MVS This is a system, not a game per se.
1996 SNK Neo Turf Masters
1994 Comad & New Japan Systems New Fantasia
1981 Namco New Rally-X
1986 Taito New York Captor
1980 Gottlieb New York, New York
1988 Taito New Zealand Story, The
1989 SNK Next Space, The
1992 Kaneko Nexzr
1997 Midway NFL Blitz
1998 Midway NFL Blitz '99
1983 Bally Midway NFL Football
1983 Rock-Ola Nibbler A snake or worm that eats fruits (or what...
1976 Atari Night Driver
1993 Data East Night Slashers This music on the first stage has a good ...
1983 Data East Night Star
1986 Bally Sente Night Stocker
1989 Taito Night Striker
1995 Capcom Night Warriors: Dark Stalkers' Revenge
2000 SNK Nightmare In The Dark
1981 Data East Ninja
1993 Irem Ninja Baseball Bat Man
1991 Strata Ninja Clowns
1990 Alpha Denshi Ninja Combat
1992 SNK Ninja Commando
1986 Nichibutsu Ninja Emaki
1988 Tecmo Ninja Gaiden
1990 Tecmo Ninja Gaiden II
1991 Tecmo Ninja Gaiden III
1984 Taito Ninja Hayate The animation of this game is drawn in th...
1990 UPL Ninja Kid
1990 Taito Ninja Kids, The
1985 Sega Ninja Princess
1988 Irem Ninja Spirit
1988 Taito Ninja Warriors
1987 UPL Ninja-Kid II
1991 Nintendo Nintendo Super System Nintendo made this Arcade system for you ...
1985 Nintendo Nintendo Vs. System This is a system, not a game.
1990 American Technos Nintendo World Cup
1992 Data East Nitroball
1980 Universal No Man's Land
1983 Enter-Tech Noah's Ark Use the joystick to control Noah. Direct ...
1993 Face Nostradamus
1984 Universal Nova 2001
1993 Namco Numan Athletics
1985 Taito Nun Chackun

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