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Games starting with 'L'

Year Manuf. Name Description
1986 Taito L.S.A. Squad
1987 Konami Labyrinth Runner
1981 Universal Lady Bug Lady Bug was one of the first offerings o...
1977 Midway Laguna Racer
1998 Taito Land Maker
1995 Taito Landing Gear
1980 Unknown Laser
1989 Sega Laser Ghost
1984 Taito Laser Grand Prix
1982 SNK Lasso You control a cowboy trying to lasso ramp...
1998 SNK Last Blade 2, The
1997 SNK Last Blade, The
1994 American Laser Games Last Bounty Hunter, The
1990 Dooyong Last Day, The
1988 Capcom Last Duel
1986 Data East Last Mission
1992 SNK Last Resort
1988 Sega Last Survivor
1981 Bally Midway Lazarian
1973 Midway Leader
1988 Access Software Leaderboard Golf
1990 SNK League Bowling
1988 Capcom LED Storm Racing/shooting game on the lines of an u...
1988 SNK Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf
1989 Irem Legend Of Hero Tonma
1985 Taito Legend Of Kage, The
1988 Jaleco Legend Of Makai
1986 Capcom Legendary Wings
1992 Konami Legends Of The Mystical Ninja, The
1987 Nichibutsu Legion
1976 Atari LeMans
1982 Moppet Video Leprechaun Like "Tugboat" this game was designed to ...
1993 Video Systems Lethal Crash Race
1992 Konami Lethal Enforcers Lethal Enforcers takes two players ("poli...
1994 Konami Lethal Enforcers II: Gunfighters
1991 Irem Lethal Thunder
1983 Rock-Ola Levers
1983 Namco Libble Rabble
1984 Data East Liberation
1982 Atari Liberator
1986 Konami Life Force
1993 Taito Light Bringer
1990 Konami Lightning Fighters
1981 Dynamo Lil' Hustler
1989 Sega Line Of Fire
1990 Taito Liquid Kids
1985 Sunn Lizard Wizard Marketed as a conversion kit for Pac-Man ...
1981 Data East Lock 'n' Chase
1986 Data East Lock On
1994 Data East Locked 'N Loaded
1981 Centuri Loco-Motion
1984 Irem Lode Runner
1985 Irem Lode Runner - Golden Labyrinth
1985 Irem Lode Runner - Majin No Fukkatsu
1986 Irem Lode Runner - Teikoku Karano Dasshutsu
1984 Irem Lode Runner - The Bungeling Strikes Back
1982 Century Electronics Logger
1997 Deniam Logic Pro 2
1982 Orca Looper
1981 Venture Line Looping It's hard to drive the plane ... but not ...
1989 Jaleco Lord Of King, The
1986 Taito Lost Castle In Darkmist, The
1983 Stern Lost Tomb
1988 Capcom Lost Worlds
1985 Irem Lot Lot
1985 Tehkan Lovely Poker
1993 Namco Lucky & Wild
1981 Data East Lucky Poker
1979 Atari Lunar Lander Lunar Lander featured a unique control pa...
1979 Taito Lunar Rescue
1980 Taito Lupin III

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