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Games starting with 'E'

Year Manuf. Name Description
1991 Jaleco E.D.F. Earth Defense Force
1980 Centuri Eagle The game’s rather funny and poorly writte...
1995 American Sammy Eagle Shot Golf
1993 Visco Earth Joker - U.N. Defense Force
1994 Capcom Eco Fighters
1989 Data East Edward Randy
1997 ICE Egg Venture
1983 Universal Eggs
1998 Namco Ehrgeiz
1984 Magic Electronics Eight Ball Action
1994 Tecmo Eight Forces
1991 SNK Eightman
1982 Taito Electric Yo-Yo, The
1973 Taito Elepong
1983 Taito Elevator Action One of Taito’s more popular releases, thi...
1994 Taito Elevator Action II
1994 Taito Elevator Action Returns
1974 Kee Games Elimination
1981 Sega/Gremlin Eliminator
1993 Namco Emeraldia Japan
1986 Romstar Empire City: 1931 Licensed from Taito.
1985 Atari Games Empire Strikes Back, The Released by Atari as a conversion kit for...
1980 Stern End, The
1986 Sega Enduro Racer
1989 Taito Enforce
1981 Game Plan Enigma II
1989 Atari Escape From The Planet Of The Robot Monsters This is basically a shooter game. You run...
1992 Konami Escape Kids
1984 Funai Esh's Aurunmilla
1983 Orca Espial .
1989 Sega ESWAT Cyber Police
1990 Taito Euro Football Champ
1998 Konami Evil Night
1992 Namco Exbania
1985 American Technos Exciting Hour
1983 Alpha Denshi Exciting Soccer
1984 Alpha Denshi Exciting Soccer II
1985 Capcom Exed Exes
1983 Taito Exerion Distributed by Taito, this was a game lic...
1982 Data East Explorer
1985 Data East Express Raider
1987 World Games Extermination
1989 Gottlieb/Premier Exterminator
1980 Midway Extra Bases Early baseball game.
1978 Midway Extra Innings
1995 American Sammy Extreme Downhill
1992 Namco Exvania
1982 Rock-Ola Eyes Eyes is a game almost like pac-man. in ey...

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