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Games starting with 'C'

Year Manuf. Name Description
1988 TAD Cabal Trackball based shooter where you control...
1989 Taito Cadash Complex Dungeon & Dragons-style fantasy g...
1992 Capcom Cadillacs And Dinosaurs
1989 Romstar Cal .50 - Caliber Fifty
1998 Atari California Speed
1982 Tago Electronics Calipso
1989 Taito Cameltry
1977 Atari Canyon Bomber
1989 Capcom Capcom Baseball
1988 Capcom Capcom Bowling
1991 Capcom Capcom Golf
2000 Capcom Capcom Vs SNK: Millennium Fight 2000
1979 Irem Capsule Invader
1991 Data East Captain America And The Avengers
1991 Capcom Captain Commando
1987 Data East Captain Silver First a coin-op release, then a console r...
1999 Visco Captain Tomaday
1983 Unknown Car Action This is a bootleg of the Data East game "...
1977 Exidy Car Polo
1999 Midway Carnevil
1980 Sega Carnival One of Sega/Gremlin's early color release...
1990 Capcom Carrier Air Wing
1989 Seta Castle Of Dragon
1986 Konami Castlevania Classic vampire hunting game that started...
???? Olympia Caterpillar
1991 Data East Caveman Ninja
1980 Atari Centipede The game’s cabinet is characterized by co...
2001 Team Play, Inc. Centipede/Missile Command/Millipede Combo First in the "Classic Arcade Series", her...
1985 Cinematronics Cerberus
1983 Taito Chack'n Pop
1995 Data East Chain Reaction
1981 Centuri Challenger
1983 Sega Champion Baseball
1983 Sega Champion Baseball Part-2
1983 Sega Champion Boxing
1989 Taito Champion Wrestler
1989 Romstar Championship Bowling
1988 E-plus Championship Shootout
1986 Atari Games Championship Sprint
1988 American Technos Championship V'Ball
1983 Taito Change Lanes
1982 Orca Changes
1994 Mitchell Charlie Ninja
1994 Taito Chase Bombers
1988 Taito Chase H.Q.
1977 Midway Checkmate
1980 Universal Cheeky Mouse
1988 Data East Chelnov: Atomic Runner
1988 Konami Chequered Flag
1984 Exidy Cheyenne Old-West Game where you are in charge of ...
1984 Bally Sente Chicken Shift The premise of Chicken Shift was simple: ...
1986 Exidy Chiller In the Exidy tradition, a controversial game!
1988 American Technos China Gate
1984 Taiyo Chinese Hero
1985 Sega Choplifter!
1988 SNK Chopper I
1987 Sega Chrono Soldier
1977 Exidy Circus In a game very simular to Atari's classic...
1984 Konami Circus Charlie
1977 Taito Cisco 400
1990 Jaleco Cisco Heat
1987 Konami City Bomber
1985 Jaleco City Connection
1976 Meadows Games Ckidzo
1986 Exidy Clay Pigeon
1983 Stern Cliff Hanger Extremely hard to find today, Cliff Hange...
1983 Atari Cloak & Dagger Offered as a conversion kit for "Defender...
1988 Taito Cloud Master
1978 Bally Midway Clowns
1983 Data East Cluster Buster Game play is a combination of breakout an...
1991 Sega Clutch Hitter
1984 Data East Cobra Command The laser disc arcade game.
1988 Data East Cobra Command The Jamma horizontal shooting game from 1988.
1976 Meadows Games Cobra Gunship
1989 Capcom Code Name: Viper
1981 Taito Colony 7 This game is very reminiscent of the Atar...
1990 Sega Columns
1997 Sega Columns 97
1990 Sega Columns II: The Voyage Through Time
1985 Exidy Combat
1987 Konami Combat School
1990 American Technos Combatribes, The
1985 Data East Commando Scrolling fighting game in which you play...
1983 Sega Commando '83 release by Sega.
1977 Gremlin Comotion
1985 Data East Competition Golf
1971 Nutting and Associates Computer Space Considered to be the first commerical vid...
1972 Nutting and Associates Computer Space Ball
1983 Sega Congo Bongo A great Adventure/Platform game! You have...
1981 Orca Congorilla Congorilla’s game play is very close to D...
1982 Nichibutsu Constella
1987 Taito Continental Circuit Continental Circuit is a racing arcade ga...
1987 Konami Contra Playchoice release of Contra.
1992 Catalina Games Cool Pool
1993 Sega Cool Riders
1989 Incredible Technologies Coors Light Bowling
1985 Nichibutsu Cop 01
1994 Atari Games Cops
1976 Atari Cops 'N Robbers
1980 Universal Cosmic Alien
1981 Universal Cosmic Avenger Challenging side-scrolling shooter, your ...
1983 Cinematronics Cosmic Chasm
1979 Universal Cosmic Guerilla
1979 Universal Cosmic Monsters Universal's take on "Space Invaders."
1979 Universal Cosmic Monsters II Sequel to Cosmic Monsters.
1981 Century Electronics Cosmos
1989 Success Cotton
1997 Success Cotton 2
1989 Jaleco Counter Force
1989 Sega Crack Down
1987 Exidy Crackshot
1975 Atari Crash 'N Score
1979 Exidy Crash! Part racing, part maze, this is a lot lik...
1976 Taito Crashing Race
1984 Bally Midway Crater Raider
1980 Taito Crazy Balloon Navigate your balloon through that crazy ...
1980 Nichibutsu Crazy Climber The Crazy Climber arcade game featured a ...
1988 Nichibutsu Crazy Climber 2
1981 Falcon Crazy Kong "Bootleg" version of Donkey Kong.
1982 Falcon Crazy Kong Jr.
1987 Tecfri Crazy Rally
1999 Sega Crazy Taxi
1974 Bally Midway Crazyfoot
1989 Taito Crime City
1989 Konami Crime Fighters
1991 Konami Crime Fighters 2
1993 American Laser Games Crime Patrol
1993 American Laser Games Crime Patrol 2: Drug Wars
1999 Namco Crisis Zone
1977 Taito Cross Fire
1983 Exidy Crossbow Perhaps the best known in Exidy's series ...
1990 SNK Crossed Swords
1984 Sega Crowns Golf
1985 Sega Crowns Golf In Hawaii
1990 Data East Crude Buster
1994 Midway Cruis'n USA
1985 Kitcorp Cruisin'
1981 Kural Samno Crush Roller
1995 Konami Crypt Killer
1983 Atari Crystal Castles One of the really cool things about this ...
1984 Simutrek Cube Quest Futuristic laser disc game.
1984 Mylstar Curve Ball
1979 Namco Cutie Q
1993 Jaleco Cybattler
1994 Namco Cyber Commando
1995 Namco Cyber Cycles
1993 Namco Cyber Sled
1990 SNK Cyber-Lip
1988 Atari Games Cyberball
1989 Atari Games Cyberball 2072
1994 Capcom Cyberbots: Fullmetal Madness
1986 Taito Cycle Shooting

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