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Games starting with 'A'

Year Manuf. Name Description
1987 Atari A.P.B. APB is a police driving game. The object ...
1989 Sega AB Cop
1981 US Billiards Ab$cam
1976 Allied Leisure Ace
1994 Namco Ace Driver
1978 Taito Acrobat
1991 UPL Acrobat Mission
1989 Data East Act Fancer
1986 Sega Action Fighter
1992 Video Systems Aero Fighters
1994 Video Systems Aero Fighters 2
1995 Video Systems Aero Fighters 3
1984 Williams Aeroboto
1987 Sega After Burner
1987 Sega After Burner II
1993 Irem Air Assault
1990 Kaneko Air Buster
1992 Namco Air Combat
1995 Namco Air Combat 22
1990 Irem Air Duel
1990 Taito Air Inferno
1987 Seibu Kaihatsu Air Raid
1991 Sega Air Rescue
1987 Kyugo Airwolf First person flight simulator/shoot 'em u...
1987 Konami Ajax
1985 Sega Albegas There is a possibility that it never made...
1986 Taito Alcon
1986 Sega Alex Kidd
1982 Sega Ali Baba And 40 Thieves
1988 Namco Alice In Wonderland
1993 Sega Alien 3: The Gun
???? Tele Tronic Alien Attackers Late 70s game, possibly 1979 licensed fro...
1990 Jaleco Alien Command
1988 NEC Alien Crush
1979 Universal Alien Invader
1978 Unknown Alien Invasion Part II
1985 Namco Alien Sector
1990 Sega Alien Storm
1986 Sega Alien Syndrome
1994 Capcom Alien Vs. Predator In the distant future on a faraway planet...
1990 Konami Aliens Rather creative "Aliens" movie-based vert...
1989 Leland All American Football
1997 Sega All Japan Pro Wrestling Featuring Virtua
1988 Cinematronics Alley Master
1975 Exidy Alley Rally
1983 Atari Alpha 1
1985 SNK Alpha Mission
1991 SNK Alpha Mission II
1995 Namco Alpine Racer
1981 Taito Alpine Ski Classic early 80's game where you ski dow...
1988 Sega Altered Beast
1976 Bally Midway Amazing Maze Game, The
1986 Nichibutsu Amazon
1983 Nippon Ambush
1989 AmeriCorp Ameri Darts
1987 Tecmo American Football
1990 Taito American Horseshoes
1987 PGD American Speedway
1982 Stern Amidar
1982 Unknown Amigo This is a clone of Amidar.
1992 Visco Andro Dunos
1985 Sega Angel Kids
1982 Data East Angler Dangler Addictive verticle scrolling fishing game...
1984 Konami Antarctic Adventure
1982 Tago Electronics Anteater In this game you control the tongue of an...
1975 Atari Anti-Aircraft II
1989 Romstar Aqua Jack
1983 Atari Arabian
1992 Sega Arabian Fight
1992 Taito Arabian Magic
1989 Seta Arbalester
1987 UPL Arc Area
1992 Atari Games Arcade Classics Atari Games never released this game whic...
2004 Chicago Gaming Company Arcade Legends
1989 Bally Midway Arch Rivals Basketball without fouls. Arch Rivals try...
1995 Atari Games Area 51
1998 Atari Games Area 51: Site 4
1986 Jaleco Argus
1985 SNK Arian Mission The game involves a total of twelve level...
1986 Taito Arkanoid Using a spinner, you move your paddle to ...
1987 Taito Arkanoid - Revenge Of Doh
1997 Taito Arkanoid Returns
1990 Strata Arlington Horse Racing
1992 Jaleco Arm Champs II
1985 Nintendo Arm Wrestling
1988 Nichibutsu Armed Formation F
1996 8ing/Raizing Armed Police Batrider
1980 Cinematronics Armor Attack Army simulation where you have to shoot t...
1981 Stern Armored Car
1994 Capcom Armored Warriors
1992 Neo-Geo Art Of Fighting
1994 SNK Art Of Fighting 2
1996 SNK Art Of Fighting 3 - The Path Of The Warrior
1990 Visco Ashura Blaster
1985 SNK ASO The game involves a total of twelve level...
1991 SNK ASO II: Last Guardian
1988 Atari Assault The PCB is housed inside of a wire mesh c...
1988 Namco Assault Plus
1992 Konami Asterix
1973 Bally Midway Asteroid Not to be confused with the game Asteroid...
1979 Atari Asteroids Easily one of the top five most successfu...
1980 Atari Asteroids Deluxe This full size upright game has a very in...
1981 Sega/Gremlin Astro Blaster
1984 Exidy Astro Chase
1981 Data East Astro Fantasia
1980 Sega/Gremlin/Data East Astro Fighter
1980 Stern Astro Invader
1973 Taito Astro Race
1983 Sega Astron Belt
1989 Jaleco Astyanax, The
1989 Taito Asuka & Asuka
1979 Atari Atari Baseball
1979 Atari Atari Basketball
1979 Atari Atari Football The game is known to build up a sweat on ...
1979 Atari Atari Soccer
1990 Leland Ataxx
1986 SNK Athena
1987 Greyhound Atlantic City
1985 Irem Atomic Boy This game is the United States release of...
1991 Irem Atomic Punk
1992 Irem Atomic Punk 2: Global Quest
1989 UPL Atomic Robo-Kid
1976 Taito Attack
1977 Exidy Attack (Not the Attack by Taito)
1994 Namco Attack Of The Zolgear
1990 Sega Aurail
1978 Atari Avalanche
1975 Electra Avenger
1987 Capcom Avengers
1996 Data East Avengers In Galactic Storm
1991 Jaleco Avenging Spirit
1983 Centuri Aztarac

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